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Bud Em’s dream finally realized - sort of, or simply: ‘Well, what the?’

May 29, 2009 - Taste Buds
For as long as she can remember, Bud Em has been a huge fan of Thelma Harper.

Of course, whenever she shares this passion with anyone, she pretty much just gets laughed at or made fun of. No worries though, she has a pretty thick skin.

Clearly, Mama’s Family is just one of those things in life that you either love or you hate. There is no middle of the road in Raytown.

A couple of years ago, she found a Mama’s Family DVD Collection online. Seasons 1 through 6! All 130 episodes on 11 discs! This was a dream come true!

What was NOT a dream come true was the $259.99 price tag! It simply could not be justified.

So, she did what she could and hoped for the best, which translates directly to: she bookmarked it a waited for it to go on sale.

What a smart move this proved to be. After a few months the price was slashed clear down to $67.99! It was at this time that she lobbied for it (to Bud Tricia and her other newsroom besties) as a birthday gift.

Well that birthday came and went without event...a few times.

But Em was not dejected. She kept up with the checking and wouldn’t you know about a year later it was down to $47.99!

This time she considered buying it FOR REAL, but still - her gut told her to wait.

And rightly so, it would seem. About 2 months ago it hit rock bottom at $9.99!

Hooray! Thought Em. Persistence had finally paid off.

With a huge smile on her face she clicked “Buy Now.”

....I said she clicked “Buy Now.”

Something was horribly wrong.

And so on it went, she clicked and nothing happened.

Refusing to be thwarted, she decided if they had it so cheap someone else would too, and the search was on.

It wasn’t long before she found a site advertising it for $19.99.


She clicked, she bought.

Then she waited. For two miserable weeks because the seller decided he needed a vacation.

At long last, a package arrived in the mail...the happy day had come!



Must be some mistake...(Bud Em double checks packing slip.)

Can you imagine Em’s disappointment with a stack of DVR’s in white envelopes that say “Mama’s Family” hand written with a Sharpie?

Oh, it was 130 episodes on 11 DVD’s all right - that some bootlegger dubbed off of the television! TBS to be specific.

How does Em know this? Because it’s kinda hard to ignore the station’s logo in the corner. Plus, there’s also the voiceover at the end telling her to stay tuned for Saved by the Bell!

At least he was kind enough to stop recording during commercials.

So, what important lessons have we learned about ordering online?

#1: The following phrase is very important: “These are brand new and sealed.” Look for it.

#2: Never trust a seller that is “on vacation.” This means he’s busy taping the episodes and burning your copies. Might also mean he’s out of Sharpies and had to run out to buy more.

And finally...

#3: If family members complain about the quality of your investment or the fact that they have to search for specific episodes by hand due to lack of a main menu, it is perfectly acceptable to say (in your best Thelma Harper voice) “Aw shut up and get me a beer you goon!”

(Note: If the ungrateful freeloader who dared to complain is only 12, make sure you give her a little kiss and tell her Mommy’s just kidding.)


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