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Does the new Bachelorette stand a chance?

June 15, 2009 - Kim Collette
The Bachelor/Bachelorette  t.v. show is still one of my guilty pleasures.  And...I have no idea why!  There have been 18 total combined seasons with still only one marriage.  So, does this year's singleton Jillian Harris, as the newest Bachelorette, stand a chance to actually find love, have a real relationship and get married?

Judging by the 10 men left standing as potential husbands......I myself am worried that the marriage count will stay at 1.  (Especially after seeing previews for tonight's new episode)  Don't get me wrong.....there are some guys I am definitely  pulling for to win the Bachelorette's .  So here's my take on the 10 guys (of course in the order of how I like them....)

Tanner....C'mon this guy has a foot fetish!  And, Tanner did spill the beans last week about some of the guys having girlfriends at home.  SNITCH!  He will get to touch Jillian's foot one more time.....when she uses it to kick him out of the competition!

Wes....YUCK!  The only reason he isn't #10 is foot fetishes are plain old strange in my book.  He does creep me out though!  I'm so sick of him singing the same dumb song to Jillian.  Are you here for her or to get a musical career? seems to me that he's the one with the girlfriend.....Hopefully Wes is singing his swan song tonight as he is leaving!

Robby & Michael....Both guys honestly seem nice to me.  I just don't think either of them are mature enough just yet to win Jillian's heart and become a husband. And....the chemistry....absolutely ZERO!  These 2 are quickly shifting to the dreaded "friends zone."

Mark...The pizza guy....Don't really know too much about him.  He really hasn't had much screen time until last week on the 2 on 1 date. Mark seems like he could be husband material.  I just don't think he'll get the chance to go much farther sine Jillian hasn't spent a lot of time with him.

My "FAVE FIVE" are...
Jake....The guy who said he has had trouble all his life being "too perfect." Too pefect?  (Get over it! I am sure we all wish we had your problems!) He's attractive, has a good job and seems to honestly be there for the "right" reasons.  I don't think he will be the one.  His job as an airline pilot will take him away from Jillian too much.  But......still look for Jake the Beefcake to crack the top 5.

Jesse & Reid...Ah...adorable guys.  They both have that kind of cuteness that makes you want to just cuddle up with them.  Jesse's cap and Reid's glasses last week melted even my heart last week.  2 guys destined for the top 4 and dates in their hometowns with the Bachelorette.  But....maybe it's just me...I don't see the "sizzle" there to make a life long thing with either of them.

The final 2 in my predictions are Ed and Kiptyn.  I am so torn between these 2!  There's no denying Jillian and Kiptyn have some serious chemistry.  They seem to connect on every level.  But....AHHHH...there's Ed!  I have liked him since he was a "late arrival" at the first cocktail party.  I truly believe that Ed is there for love.  He even said he had never watched the Bachelorette/Bachelor, but get this....listened to his mom's advice that they would be a good match.  I couldn't agree more.  There's just something about Ed....

I doubt that I am even close in my predictions.  I read an article before the first episode that said Jillian was the happiest she's ever been....Could it be because she fell in love OR that she told all these guys to hit the road?  I guess we'll have to watch and see if the next relationship disaster.

But.....deep is saying "Go Ed!"

Until next time friends !


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