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It's only a pet, or simply: We love our furry friends

June 19, 2009 - Taste Buds
DON’T YOU just HATE it when people go on and on and on about their pets?

They give them human qualities and talk at length about them. They dress them up and talk in high pitched tones when they are around said four-legged creatures. They treat them like children and gush about how cute they are.

Doesn’t that just get under your skin and make you want to scream?!?!!

It does us mainly because the Buds are well aware that they have the cutest pets in the world!

Both Buds will admit to speaking in high-pitched, baby-like voices when speaking of and to their pets but that is only because they are “babies” and they’re little and cute beyond belief!

Bud Tricia’s teacup Chihuahua Henry is six pounds of adorableness. He came via her younger brother and has been a wonderful addition to her family of six.

The little thing was a bit skittish at first but what tiny being trying to navigate in a house full of kids wouldn’t be? Heck, Bud Tricia is way bigger than him and even she gets a little nervous!

Despite a Chihuahua reputation of being “yappy”, Henry could be called the Jerry Garcia of Chihuahua as he is very, very laid back.

Henry loves the sun and will lay in its rays for hours. He hates the cold and has to wear a sweater most of the fall, winter and early spring. He has his everyday sweaters and his dress up clothes - used only for holidays and special occasions. He also wears a Steelers jersey (once belonging to a Build-A-Bear animal) during games although he refuses to put on the helmet!

Another thing he also refuses to wear are his snow boots - cute little blue ones - even though the only thing he hates more than the helmet is snow on his feet. This makes it necessary to carry him outside when cold weather hits. But no one minds because he is a “baby”!

He also has to be carried down steps. He’ll go up but not down. Bud Tricia thinks the steep incline is much to scary for him - he could easily fall through a opening!

Henry also appears to be a teenager of sorts. He sleeps most of the day, waking only when a Graham child or neighborhood kid appears in the house or he hears someone in the kitchen.

He spends most of his waking hours watching the comings and goings in the neighborhood, laying in the sun and running in circles and chasing his girlfriend which is actually a stuffed toy that has seen better days!

Bud Em has two adorable kitties both of which have more personality and quirks than most humans she knows.

They are both boys. This is because Bud Em finds that the majority of female cats are snooty and/or unpleasant. They also have very long names. This is because Em has a commitment-phobia which wouldn’t allow her to nail down just one.

The eldest of the adorable duo is Ceasar (Full name: Ceasar Maximus Pendragon Baggins.) He is 8 years old and is usually a pretty easy-going fellow, though he can sometimes come off as a bit pretentious. He is lovey and cuddly - but only on his terms and at his convenience. He also hates kisses on the lips -  that guy will dodge and weave every time. Sometimes Em can’t resist and has to use force to land a good one on him. He secretly loves that.

One of Ceasar’s favorite tricks is to elicit unwarranted sympathy. For instance, he was declawed at about 7 months of age. He hobbled around and milked that for MONTHS! To this day, he will sit up on his hind legs and raise a single paw as if he is in pain. He also runs and hides when he hears any noise louder than 3 decibels.

He mostly just lays around in a sunny spots, or a box if one is handy, and eats. Em compares him to Garfield.

If there was an Odie in this equation, it would definitely be Em’s “baby”: Nibbles (Full Name: Nibbles Sparrow Jackrabbit Lestat.) Nibbles is 3 years old, underweight and quite frankly just a little loco. He gets into everything, including the fridge or cupboards if left open. He tortured the family’s tree frog until it committed suicide. He can spot an aphid at 300 yards. He is ornery!

But there is also a super sweet side of this little guy. He will take all loving you can dish out. All the hugs, squeezes, kisses and whatever else you throw at him - he takes it and never lets on if he doesn’t like it. He also likes to sleep under the covers with Bud Em. It is just the sweetest thing!

Together, they are awesome. They chase each other all over, but then cuddle up to nap or groom one another. With her daughter being 12 and developing quite an active social life, Bud Em thinks she may not survive without those two.

Here's a recipe we think most animals of the human variety will LOVE! It was send in by Carrie Heath of Woodsfield


1 baked pie crust

Cook on top of stove until thick: 1 small box strawberry Jell-O

3/4 to 1 cup sugar

2 tablespoons corn starch

2 cups cold water

Cool and pour over 1 pint of strawberries, chopped, and placed in pie crust. Cover with cool whip and refrigerate.

Variation: use any kind of berries, peaches, apples

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