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13 Days to Go!

July 7, 2009 - Kim Collette
Have you ever missed someone so much that you intentionally do things to cry?  I did this weekend and let me tell just might have made a difference.

See, my "BF" has a job that sometimes takes him out of town.  Just two days
(YES ONLY 2 DAYS) after our year anniversary he got sent on a job for a MONTH!  So, we are on day 14 with at least 13 days to go without each other.  I don't know how the service families do it.  It has only been two weeks and I'm losing my mind.  Keep in mind this is the longest we have EVER been apart in a year's worth of dating.  My heart is.

I'm managing ok....but this past weekend was killer on me.  So for reasons that I fully do no understand....I intentionally made myself cry.

First came iTunes.  I usually download upbeat, fun songs for mowing grass or taking walks to. Not this time.  I spent my last $9.29 gift card money on all sappy songs.  We're talking about full-fledged-go-through-a-box of tissues songs.  Songs like If Tomorrow Never Comes, The Dance, She's Everything, What Hurts the Most and I Told You So.  But, nooooo, that wasn't enough for me.  I even took it a step further...I burnt a cd of these take-the-smile-off-o -your face songs.  So, now when I drive anywhere for the next 13 days...the waterworks will start again!

Then came the dvd's. (No I didn't follow my own advice and watch a patriotic movie.)  No....instead I chose the "weepers" An Affair to Remember and The NotebookWHAT  WAS I THINKING!  Just thinking about Carey  Grant finally realizing Debroah Kerr didn't meet him because she couldn't walk makes my eyes well up.  And, The Notebook?  The whole story makes me want to cry.  But...low and behold...I sat on The Fourth of July, alone, bawling my eyes out watching these movies.

Intentionally making myself sad (believe it or not) has actually been therapuetic.  I realized that 13 days is less than two full weeks.  Now....only fun songs and bust-your-gut-laughing movies are on my entertainment agenda.   Now, I will laugh and smile the next 13 days until the "BF" comes home!

Until next time friends!


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