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Does the new Bachelorette stand a chance---Part II

July 21, 2009 - Kim Collette
About a month ago I posed the question:  Does the new Bachelorette stand a chance?  I thought at the time there was a possibility Jillian may have found her perfect hot-dog topping- guy, the mustard guy, (which means she found true love).  But...that was 4 long weeks ago.  To quote The Grateful Dead, "What a long strange trip it's been."  This season of the Bachelorette has had more twists, turns and jaw dropping moments than a corkscrew roller coaster.

First is what I like to call "Wes-Gate."  Did he really have a girlfriend?  Was he just there to promote his music career.  Obviously if you have watched or even read anything about this guy.....the answer to both is an emphatic YES!  How could Jillian have not seen through his acting?  She kept giving him roses and keeping him around!  Every time she pinned a rose on his lapel, I gagged!  Jake (who I thought got sent home WAY too early) even came back  after being rejected to  voice the truth about icky Wes.  And yet our Canadian sweetheart kept Wes around for another week!  Finally....she saw the light and kicked him to the curb before the Top 3. Wes' credit, he showed his true colors in the limo ride...rejoicing that he was the 1st contestant in history to make it to the Top 4 with a girlfriend!  CLASSY!

Secondly, we have the drama known as Ed.  Everything seemed perfect between Jillian and Ed.  Until......he decided that his job was more important....and left under his own free will.  To top it off.....two weeks later he came back!  I won't even get into the whole fantasy suite situation....Now there's even a rumor floating around the web that Ed has a girlfriend too!  Unbelievable!

Thirdly there is Reid who was mysteriously absent from "The Men Tell All" special.  Never before has the person who finished 3rd NOT been on there.  Why?  Because Reid is now going to make the standard rejected-bachelor-shows-up again appearance.  My guess in this season of twists and turns,  the surprise in the last 5 minutes of the show has to do with Reid and him professing his love to Jillian.  Could you not have  told her before she dumped you?

And then there is Kypton who has steered clear of much of the drama this season.  Many rumors are circulating that he has already been chosen as the next Bachelor.  Are you kidding me?  Can we at least get through the finale? 

So on this roller coaster of a season could Jillian actually find true love?  Jillian was quoted as saying, "But you have to stay tuned, it's a funny twist in the end and you don't know if I ended up with one or more persons or not.   So it's interesting to watch the show of how it all plays out.  But...umm...Yeah I knew exactly what I needed to do." 

What will happen next Monday on the season finale?  I'll give you my prediction (since for once in my life I predicted the RIGHT final two this season).  My take, since the Jason/Molly/Melissa "After the Final Rose," ABC has the finale set up as a cliffhanger so we all have to tune into the AFTR special.  If  the rumors are true and Kypton is the next Bachelor, I think he will be the first to arrive and Jillian will break up with him.  Then, before Ed gets there to propose....Reid will show up with his mushy love talk......and thats where the finale will end.  So...we won't know who if anyone that Jillian chooses until the AFTR.

Only time will tell...I can tell you this....I will definitely be tuned in on the 27th to see "how it all plays out."

Until next time friends!


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