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Is True Love Blind?

August 10, 2009 - Kim Collette
A while back, my boyfriend and I had a discussion about what was more important when you meet someone.....looks or personality.  To our surprise, ABC is testing this very same thing out on their new reality show "Dating in the Dark."  Is that a great reality show idea or what? I couldn't wait to see if these  people could actually make "connections" without the whole physical appearance part of the equation. Or... would this show bombard us with superficial people who don't care about anything but.....if the person they are dating is "hot."

So what's the premise of  "Dating in the Dark"?  3 single men and 3 single women move into the same mansion, but live in separate wings. ( they can't see each other...if they did it would kinda screw up the whole premise of the show!)  Over the course of a few days "Dating in the Dark" has the singletons meet guessed it....THE DARK!   

There is an initial meet and greet group date that all 6 participants attend.  That is followed by one-on-one dates initiated by the participants.  All the dates take place in the "dark room."  We, the viewers, get to see all the "action" courtesy of infrared cameras.    By the end of each episode each guy and gal gets to choose who or if they want to date in "the light." 

The best part of the show is the reveal.  The guys and gals who "chose" each other get to truly see each other for the first time.   (Keep in mind that each person is revealed one at a time.  That way neither of them knows if the connection was strong enough to overcome what each other looks like.)  Only we get to see the reactions of the prospective daters.  After the reveal each person decides if they want to continue dating.  That brings us back to my original question: Is true love blind? 

Does this out-of-the-box dating experiment work?  From the episodes I have caught, I'd say it's about 50-50.  I'd say some are all about the bond they've made in "the dark" and some are STILL all about looks. 

As far as reality shows go.....and you know I am a reality t.v. is interesting to see which people choose looks over personality.  If you ask me it would be more interesting with the catfights and winner take all competitions that we've become used to on shows like "The Bachelor."  When you take that craziness out of the equation....."Dating in the Dark"  reminds me of the watered down version of reality dating shows.  Still fun to watch...just more "normal".

"Dating in the Dark"
airs on Monday nights on ABC.  Watch it....or better yet....DVR it one night.  When you have absolutely nothing to do check it out.   I bet it will make you wonder..........Which is truly more important, personality or looks?


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