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August 18, 2009 - Kim Collette
My favorite season is finally here!  What season is that you might ask.....FOOTBALL SEASON!  Usually to get me even more geared up for the upcoming high school, college and pro seasons, I dig out some of my favorite football flicks!

So here we go again.  I am going to give you my Top Ten football movies. (And I am sure that in the process I will leave out some of your favorites once again.)

10. GRIDIRON GANG:  In a juvenile detention center, the supervisor sees a lack of discipline, lack of unity and self-esteem in the youngsters.  He teaches the kids those exact things they were lacking through football.  This movie is a little like "The Longest Yard" for teenagers, but still a great movie with an even greater lesson.  And, c'mon, it stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson...what else could you ask for!?

9.  LITTLE GIANTS:  I know what you are thinking. ...a kiddie movie?  Yes!  Kevin O'Shea (an ex football star) coaches a pee-wee team.  Becky O'Shea (Kevin's niece) doesn't get picked for the team.  She convinces her dad to coach another pee-wee team so she can play.  Danny O'Shea picks a team of kids that are never given a chance.  Danny and his team prove that sometimes it's about heart not talent that wins games.  A great story for all ages.

8.  SCHOOL TIES:  This movie is set in the 1950's.  A star football player, David Green, is admitted to an "exclusive" boarding school reserved for the country's cream-of-the-crop.  The thing is...Green is Jewish.  A rich and spoiled classmate, Charlie Dillon, exposes Green's background.  The movie comes to a climax when classmates are forced to choose between the 2 when a cheating scandal erupts.  Not as focused  on  the sport, but a movie that shows the religious inequality of the time.

  A small Texas town's starting quarterback gets hurt and the team turns to the backup Jonathon "Mox" Moxson.  Mox shakes things up with the team and the legendary coach.  This movie is a mix of Texas football, drama, comedy and teenage angst/antics.

6.  JERRY MAGUIRE:  Tom Cruise plays Jerry Maguire, the sports agent on top of the world....until he gets fired.  He goes off to start his own agency with Dorothy Boyd ("Who's comin with me?"----what a great scene!)  The only client that sticks with Jerry is Rod Tidwell, a free agent NFL reciever.  All he wants is for Jerry to "Show Him the Money." However, the movie is about a lot more than football.  It is in all honesty about love, relationships, failure and success.  But, FOOTBALL, is the reason Jerry Maguire wins or loses.  By far my favorite Cuba Gooding Jr. role.

5.  FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS:  Based on the best selling book, the movie focuses on the role of football in the small Texas town of Odessa.  If you read the book, you'll definitely enjoy the movie! (And for you sports nuts like me....the poem in the beginning of the book, "Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio" was written by James Wright who was born in little ol' Martins Ferry.)

4. WE ARE MARSHALL:  For me to put this movie on here it MUST be good.  I graduated from Ohio University and during the time I was in school we played Marshall every year.  I hated hearing "WE ARE.....MARSHALL."  After seeing this movie I don't anymore.  That chant (that I used to find so annoying) joined the Huntington community together after  the 1970 plane crash that killed almost all of the football team and coaches.  Matthew McConaughey stars as the new head coach brought in to rebuild the team. Matthew Fox stars as the assistant coach who can barely live with the guilt of giving up his seat on the ill-fated flight.  Based on a true story...this movie is a real tearjerker.

3.  WILDCATS:  Thanks Dad for introducing me to this 1986 comedy.  Goldie Hawn stars as a high school track coach who knows more about football than everyone on the planet.  When the football coaches position opens up, she applies and gets the job.  A hilarious take on how a woman deals with the guys on her team.  The end of the movie with the song "Football" is definitely rememberable.

  This Disney flick is also based on a true story.  It is the story of a Virginia high school football team after the school desegregated in the early 70's.  Herman Boone, played by Denzel Washington, guides this team through a season of turmoil.  Ultimately he teaches the whole community that race doesn't matter.  He brought the coaches, team and community together through high school football.  Remember the Titans is truly an inspirational movie.  (And in my opinion, Washington should have won an Oscar for this role and not Training Day.) number one football movie is.....

RUDY:  Another movie based on a true story.  Rudy is about fulfilling your dreams no matter what.  Rudy Rueittiger had always dreamed of playing football at Notre Dame.  He was told he was too small.  He was told he didn't have good enough grades.  Through shear determination, Rudy makes it to Notre Dame with the goal of walking onto the football team.  Rudy impresses his teammates with his efforts, that they FORCE the coach to dress him for the final game of the season.  The whole story/movie is fantastic,but the ending makes it my favorite of all time.  Rudy sacks the quarterback at the end of the game and is carried off the field on his teammates shoulder while the stands chant, "Rudy, Rudy."

There you have favorite football movies!  They should definitely  get you fired up for kick-off next Friday night! case they don' are some honorable mention movies in my book:  Waterboy,  The Gameplan, All the Right Moves,  the original The Longest Yard, Invinicble, The Program, Necessary Roughness, That's My Boy and one of my girl Meghan's favorites, The Replacements.

Until Next Time Friends!


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