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Facebook Addiction

August 24, 2009 - Kim Collette
"Did you see what happened last night on Big Brother? Can you believe what happened on Grey's Anatomy?"  Those are the types of questions you used to hear at the "water cooler."  In today's ever growing technology age, you're more likely to hear something like "Did you see what you can buy for your farm now? or Did you see the roller coaster I bought for my amusement park?"
I am talking about Facebook.  But the question Facebook becoming the new American addiction?  I actually think it might be!  I admit that I am a Facebook user....and just a tad addicted.   Little did I know that not only would I be social networking with friends, but that I'd be playing games too.  Let's see I have a farm in Farmville, a life in Yoville and started building my own amusement park in Roller Coaster Kingdom.  For me...those games are where my addiction is.  I make sure my farm is harvested and planted at all times in Farmville.  My avatar goes to work and visits friends everyday in Yoville.  My Roller Coaster Kingdom employs  are taken care of at least once a day.  And...let me tell you...those things take more time than I care to admit.

But am I an addict?  You know you're a Facebook addict when:

You Lose Sleep Over Facebook
:  If you are staying up late to harvest your farm or take quizzes on Facebook....and you are TIRED the next day.....You might be addicted!

You Spend More Than An Hour A Day On Facebook:  Personally I think 30-45 minutes a day is ample time to spend on the internet in total. hour just on Facebook is a bad sign...You might be addicted!

The Thought Of Signing Off Makes You Sad:  If  you get stressed or anxious about signing off the site because you might miss something...You might be addicted!

You Communicate Only Through Facebook:
  If you make all your plans or cancel your plans by posting a message on a friends wall or you insist your parents only contact you using Facebook....You might be addicted!

But, I am not the only one with FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder).  So, I decided to do some research.  I came across a test you can take  to see if your Facebook use has turned into an addiction.  You can take Dr.Paula Pile's "Facebook Compulsion Inventory" to see how addicted you are.  I took it and found out that I'm one of the lucky ones......a normal Facebook user!  (The quiz can be found at

So how can you truly tell if you have FAD?  I think the only true test is this....See if you can go one day without logging on to Facebook...if you don't make it....Get some help....You might be addicted!

Until next time friends!

If you aren't sure what I am even talking about, make sure to pick-up a copy of the Friday September 4 edition of The Times Leader.  "The Scene" is going in depth on the topics of Facebook and Twitter!


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