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September 1, 2009 - Kim Collette
Today I did the unthinkable......! I dropped my cell phone into a sink of running water!    Immediately  my heart started racing.  I reached into the sink as fast as I could to save my poor little Palm Centro....Crossing my fingers, I hoped that it was okay.  I cleaned it as quickly as I could.  I took the battery off to see if there was water damage.

I put my Palm back together and said a little prayer.  But...I soon realized that my Palm became Humpty Dumpty.  All the king's horses and all the king's men and all of me, couldn't put it back together to work again.  I think I actually broke out into a cold sweat.  That cell phone was the way I communicated.  And I don't just mean chit-chatting on the phone.  I texted. I called. I twittered. I facebooked. I emailed.  I checked weather. I checked sports scores.  I did everything with my Palm.  In fact (and I am sure most of you are the same way) everyone's phone numbers were saved on my cell phone.  Who uses an actual address book anymore?  Oh no.....what was I going to do?A few years ago the "drop, wet and break" probably wouldn't have been as big of a shock to me.  But, now, I can't imagine going even 1 day without a smartphone. (I almost didn't make it the 3 hours I didn't have one!)

I loved my Palm Centro. It was by far the best phone I've ever had.  So, begrudgingly, I went and got a new cell phone this morning.  I decided to stick with Palm.  I bought the new Palm Pre.  And...let me tell you...this smartphone might actually be smarter than me!  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I'll end up loving this phone more than my dearly departed Centro, but I think it's going to take awhile.  I can't figure this phone out!  (Right now I can text and make phone calls...which I know should be enough...but just quite isn't.)  I have no idea how to add contacts, change the screensaver, change the ringtones or for that matter even turn it off and on!  I may actually have to read the goofy book that comes with it!

So, while all of you are relaxing tonight, I'll be "working" on navigating my new Palm Pre.  I am just going to say a little prayer that I am actually smarter than the phone! (And of never drop this Palm into water!)

Until next time friends!


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