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We were high tech or simply: right after the invention of the wheel ...

September 18, 2009 - Taste Buds
You gotta love ‘em.

Especially at back-to-school time.

And because we love them, we as parents constantly bend over backwards, sacrificing ourselves and our wants to give them the things they “need.”

They “need” $80 jeans.

They “need” $100 tennis shoes.

They “need” cell phones.

They “need” computers to do their homework.

Even though they already have a lovely 30 gig ipod AND an ipod shuffle, they “need” a yellow nano.


When did this happen?

Do they have any idea what it was like for US growing up?

After all, we didn’t have cell phones - we had quarters! OK, some of us had dimes, but that’s not the point. If there was an emergency, we would actually have to go out and find a payphone!

And on the subject of phones, do they know the importance of the word “cordless?” Do they have any idea that during a phone call, our range of motion was entirely dependent on the length of the phone cord?

Bud Em thought she was super cool in junior high when she got a clear phone that lit up when it rang. The best part was that she could carry it across the entire room. It was revolutionary!

Today’s kids certainly don’t realize the luxury of the remote control.

Are they aware that someone had to get up from the comfy couch to change the dial on the TV to see what else was on? And, usually, it was us kids who were called in from a game of yard darts to actually change the channel so our parents could continue to relax after a hard day at work!

We thought we’d died and gone to heaven when we got a converter box! Still not as powerful as the remote, but we had three ‘levels’ of channels and its cord reached the couch.

And computers? Computers were a novelty. They ran on DOS. They required a “boot up” disc. Two words: dot matrix. If you’ve never operated a Tandy or a Commodore 64, then don’t even talk to us!

We didn’t all have our own laptops, we were lucky if we had a typewriter! We were REALLY lucky if that typewriter was electric ... and it had the built in correction tape.

Oh yeah, and that little thing called the ‘internet?’ Non-existent!

We thought the information super highway was the quickest route to the local library!

Here’s a couple more words for ya: ‘card catalog’ and ‘Encyclopedia Brittanica.’ And the genius of the Dewey Decimal System still astounds us.

We had pen pals. They were called pen pals because we would pen letters - on real STATIONARY - and mail them to each other. Yes, we would affix a stamp to the envelope and put them in a mailbox. If said pal was in another country, the correspondence would take a little longer - and we were OK with that!

And the computer games today? Crazy! We had Pong, and Atari, and Colecovision! The closest thing we had to a Nintendo DS was Digital Derby and Mattel Football. And let us tell you when the Nintendo debuted with the NES it was off the hook! Like, how sick were the graphics in Zelda?!

And then there’s the ipods. Even though we both have them, we can’t seem to stop referring to them as ‘my walkman.’


Recently, Bud Tricia got a package of Cadoozles ( in the mail. What are those, you may ask. Well, friends, those are mechanical pencils that never need sharpening. They come in groovy colors and designs. All the kids are using them - something else we didn’t have growing up. Oh, Bud Tricia’s dad had them - he’s a building designer - but they were deemed “too fancy” for kid use! We actually had to sharpen our pencils in a manual pencil sharpener! Kids these days! They’ve got everything!

We can’t wait until the little punks have their own children. Children who scoff at the primitive technology of such things as the iphone and facebook!

Now, here’s a great recipe from Jean Baker of Adena that, frankly, reminds of us going to potluck church suppers back in the day - no high tech gadgets required!


1 cup orange juice

3 ounce package pineapple Jell-O

3 ounce package cream cheese

1 can cranberry sauce

Bring juice to a boil. Stir in Jello. Refrigerate until slightly thickened. Beat cheese until fluffy. Add cranberry sauce and Jello. Chill until set.


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This is the clear phone Bud Em was so proud of. Tell us that somebody out there appreciates its coolness!