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The Life of a Cleveland Sports Fan

September 23, 2009 - Kim Collette
I waited a week to write this.  I didn't want to actually write down all the heartbreak that comes with being an Ohio sports fan.  Two weeks ago, Ohio State gave away a football game to USC....a true heart breaker for us Buckeyes. Then, the very next day, my Cleveland Browns started their season.  And....once again....put us through even more agony than the Buckeyes did.     I live and die with my teams through good and bad. NO MATTER what happens I will always be a Buckeye and always be a Cleveland fan.  After an innocent talk with a few co-workers, I couldn't take it anymore.  Are you serious?  Are you really complaining that the Steelers lost to the Bears on Sunday?  The SAME team that just won 2, count them, 2 Super Bowls in the past decade.  REALLY? 

Now, I'm not saying that my friends aren't good fans for their teams.  But please don't complain to me about a loss!  The poor city of Cleveland has had more heart break that Billy Ray Cyrus' Achy Breaky Heart.....and not just in football, mind you...the "Curse of Cleveland Sports" stretches across ALL sports.  This so called curse has truly prevented the city from winning a major sports championship in eons.  In fact, in 2004, ESPN named Cleveland the MOST tortured sports city....and I AGREE!

Why you ask (for those of you who live in Ohio and don't root for Ohio teams)? Well, you see, the Cleveland sports teams lose all right, but they lose like no other sports franchises do.  Cleveland teams not only lose, but rip your hearts out and stomp on them.  They save their biggest meltdowns and biggest chokes for the biggest games.  (I sometimes think when Cleveland players sign contracts, it is written in the contract that the players MUST break the hearts of their fans.)  We Cleveland fans have lived through "The Fumble,"  "The Drive," "The Shot," "The Catch," "Red Right 88," "The Error" and "The Stop Sign".  These infamous failures have tortured us for years.  Lets look at the facts for a minute.  The Browns last won a title in 1964 (before what we know as the NFL was formed).  The Indians last title was in 1948.  And....the Cavaliers have NEVER won a championship in their years of existence.  Every year we hope and pray that  "this is our year" and "we'll turn it around."  And....they never do...none of them.

But what we Cleveland fans do is truly "Stand By Our Team."  We go hopefully  to football games on Sunday in snow and sub-zero temperatures, knowing the Browns will probably need a miracle to win.  But....we still go. (Do you realize it is just as hard to get a Browns ticket as a Steeler ticket?)...and the Browns DON'T win?  We sit in snow in April at the beginning of baseball season and sizzling temperatures in July...even though we know the Indians just traded our best player and all hopes of being World Series Champs is gone.  And...we go see LeBron drop 30, 40 or 50 points a game only to be heart broken come playoff time.  Heart break and all....Cleveland fans are some of the most loyal and die-hard fans.  You may try to argue that your sports city has a bigger curse....but I  think  that's an argument youd lose.

While you celebrate Super Bowl after Super Bowl and Stanley Cup after Stanley Cup, I will still be a Cleveland fan.  I will wear my Brady Quinn jersey  and carry my Browns coffee mug.  I will sport my Grady Sizemore tee when baseball season comes around.  And... I will still keep my fingers crossed that a young man from Akron will finally give the city a title.....and stay in Cleveland to finish his career.  Or...else this "tortured city" might never recover.

In my lifetime I will probably never see any of the Cleveland teams win a championship.  But....I do know...I will always "hope that this is the year." all the fans whose teams do win....and win a lot I might add....please keep your complaining to a minimum.  It could be worse....try walking in a Cleveland fans shoes for a day....I'm positive that you won't complain again!

Until next time friends!


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