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A Taste Buds Christmas or simply: Anyone know where we can get some wooden shoes?

November 6, 2009 - Taste Buds
We realize most of you are still eating goodies out of your kid’s Halloween bucket and looking for where those little sneaks hid all the Snicker’s bars, but we feel we need to inform you that there are only 49 days left until Christmas!

That’s right! We said it!! Christmas!

That means you all need to get out there and start shopping!

The Buds are simple people with simple needs and while we’d never dream of actually asking for gifts, we thought we’d give you our Christmas wish list just in case anyone in our families ask!

Really, all we need is a spice rack, kayak and a pair of wooden shoes. Yes, we’re serious!

Bud Tricia has been on the hunt for a spice rack for months now.

She doesn’t want just any old spice rack. She wants a wall mounted spice rack.

That’s the key!

Of course, there are millions of spice racks that sit on the counter and she can remember her grandmother’s wall mounted spice rack hanging in the kitchen but despite dragging Bud Em to every thrift store in town and spending hours online, she has yet to find what she is looking for.

Currently, she keeps her spices crammed into a cupboard and at last count had 7 containers of cinnamon because she could never find it in the mess!

Because she is spice rack challenged, her kitchen has become akin to a war zone with jars and cans of spices dropping out of the cabinet like bombs every time someone goes in there. It’s like cooking in a mine field!

This is not conducive to creative cooking.

Her other want is a kayak.

Yes, a kayak!

She’d like to get into a kayak and spend time thinking, paddling, thinking and paddling.

It would be great! She’d have better arms than Michelle Obama and doesn’t look to shabby in a life vest!

She has been hinting to her family to get her one for several years now and they have yet to acquiesce. She thinks they are afraid this is some sort of elaborate plan to runaway from them.

Drat! They’re onto her!

Bud Em really, really, REALLY wants those wooden shoes. Now mind you she already has two pairs of tiny souvenir clogs, but two-inch long shoes are only fun to LOOK at. Bud Em wants a pair she can actually WEAR. It all started at a neighbors yard sale when she was about 8 years old. Her neighbors, avid antique collectors, were trying to unload a pair of the Dutch beauties - REAL ones - but they were small. To her dismay, no matter how hard she tried to stuff her (freakishly wide) feet in, that wood just wasn't going to give. So, always in the back of her mind lingers a pair of wooden clogs. Sad clogs that yearn for the company of a splayed foot (or two). Her desire for the shoes was recently re-ignited by watching The Amazing Race. Last week each team had to dress up in traditional Dutch garb, which naturally included her beloved clogs. Can you imagine her outrage when some of the contestants actually complained about the clogs causing pain? Bud Em would KILL to feel that pain! The ingrates! If you too have been hunting for wooden clogs, or just want to cheer up Bud Em, has several styles and colors! It even features a size calculator that converts your USA shoe size into centimeters. So, say you normally wear a size 8 (ahem ...) you could easily tell that you would require a 25cm clog. Bud Tricia scoffs at Em's wish. This doesn't really bother her, but Bud Em just doesn't want to have to say "I told you so" when the clogs take off.

We’ve been good - relatively - all year! We deserve this! We want this! We need this!

In the mean time, we have some shopping of our own to do but don’t know where to start. We’ll have our own kids writing letters to Santa Claus as soon as they awake from their Halloween sugar coma!

Here’s a recipe from Mary Sue Dundr of Mt. Pleasant that can put some of that Halloween candy to good use!


6 to 8 cups popped corn

6 cups mini marshmallows

3 tablespoon butter

Few M & M’s

Melt butter and marshmallows together. Add to the popped corn, mix up. Spray baking sheet and add the mixture to it. Spread it out and top with M & M’s or your favorite candy. Let set, then break into small pieces.


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Something along the lines of this will lower the terror threat level in Tricia's kitchen.