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My Letter to Santa

December 21, 2009 - Kim Collette
Dear Santa Claus,
Merry Christmas from Martins Ferry, Ohio!  My name is Kim.  I know you might be thinking that I'm too old to write to you, but I think now more than ever, we all have to "BELIEVE."

Santa, I know you make a list and check it twice.  And...since I am older and wiser, I know I better just tell you the truth.  I have been a little naughty this year, but who hasn't?  Wait....don't cross me off the nice list just yet.  I have been more nice than naughty!

Nice things I have done this year:  house sat for my mom for 7 days with the "wonderful" aroma of a dead mouse stuck in the back of the refrigerator; made sure my boyfriends "things" were taken care of while he was on the road for work; put up 3 Christmas trees at 3 different houses; and I still rooted for the Cleveland Browns even though when I see them play I want to rip my hair out!  I know there is other stuff that I've done nice of course...but I won't brag.

Here is my wish list for Christmas 2009:
1.  An even bigger "leg lamp" for my friends at 128 S. Sugar Street!  Gotta love everyone who is a fan of "The Christmas Story!"

2. Help for the Cleveland Browns in any way shape or form.  I hear Mike Holmgren is house hunting in Cleveland.  If you could make sure he is sent our way it would be great!  Please, though, let us keep Josh Cribbs and Brady Quinn. Thanks for the early present by the way.....a winning streak. I know it's only 2 games, but it puts a smile on my face!

3.  Bowl wins for my 2 Ohio teams!  I would like Ohio University to stampede the Thundering Herd from Marshall.  And..even more so....I would love a Rose Bowl win for the Buckeyes over the Ducks!   Bring those bowl victories back to OH-IO!  (And if it isn't too much to ask, a Cincinnati win over Florida.  That would make all Ohioans grin from ear to ear!)

4.  To never hear about Jon and Kate anymore!  Go ahead and deliver presents to their "Plus 8"....I'm no Scrooge or anything.  But please stuff Jon and Kate's stockings with ANYTHING that will make them realize that they aren't important in the grand scheme of things.  (While we are on this topic....let Brad & Angelina, Tom & Katie, and Jennifer Aniston & whomever...they aren't as important as they think either!)

5.  I would like you to let all athletes know that they are NOT above the so-called "law."  Yes...they are getting paid millions of dollars to play children's games...that does not give them the right to act like children.  Please make sure they all get a "grown-up" button they can wear to remind them of this daily.

6.  Of course....I would like health and happiness to all of my family and friends.


7. Most importantly, I would like to have Ron home to celebrate Christmas with.  So...if you could , please stop in Pennsylvania, swoop him up, drive him on your sleigh, and drop him off under my Christmas tree.  I can't imagine the holidays without him!

Thank you, Santa for reading my "grown-up" wish list.  Even if you can't  get me all my wishes, I understand.  But...the last 2 items on my wish list are the most important to please try your hardest!

Merry Christmas,

Until next time friends!


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