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Hey Vancouver, we have snow!

February 7, 2010 - Michael Palmer
Its seems ironic that after the snowiest winter for years in the Ohio Valley the organizers of the Vancouver Winter Olympics are snowless and panicking about conditions for the big kick off on Feb 12th.

Drastic measures are being taken to ensure that there is limited disruption to the downhill events. The organizers are using a base of wood chips and then covering it with snow they are trucking in snow to ensure they have the right volume and depth to last the seventeen day event.

The temperatures are in the 50’s in Vancouver, it was right around that temperature in my house when the power came back on Saturday afternoon. It kept coming on and then going off again, which made getting e mails sent a frustrating task, it was coupled with an ongoing problem with the telephone -slash - internet line, so… I am not sure if everyone received all of the e mail I sent but - so far only one complaint was registered.

Usually this time of year it is a mouse in a junction box. Trying to get in out of the - SNOW!

Back on the snow front - we are scheduled for another shovel-able amount Tuesday night into Wednesday.

This storm was a bit more nice to my schedule. Usual scenario for this winter has been late evening snow that allowed sporting events to be played but left my commute home to be driven on snow slick roads.

I did get the opportunity to help a fellow motorist after their minivan went sideways and skidded into a guardrail. No air bag deployment meant I just gave her a push back onto the highway and sent her on her way before the Semis that seem oblivious to the snow race down the highway.

Not all truck drivers are gear grinding cowboys. I see all kinds on the daily commute of 250. There are the drivers who usually drive the Interstate and they travel along the windy hills like your great-grandma pushes an aluminum walker. Then there are the coal buckets and these drivers may have a little trouble pulling some of the hills, but if you get in front of one of these trucks, you better be highly motivated to prove you are ready for the NASCAR circuit, on all the other parts of the drive, including the curves, they drive their rigs like they were sports cars. Yes, even when it is putting down snow like it did Friday.

The there are the in between truckers that drive like they have common sense, but not with the excess caution that makes you wonder if they are hauling a load of unboxed glass ware or dynamite. They are of course my favorites and I don't curse and blow my horn when I finally find a place to pass them.

Shoveling the 16 inches of snow that we received at my house, I did finally get to wrinkle the sticker on my snow shovel. It hasn’t had much of a workout the past few years. Maybe the daughter will come home for some sled riding.

It is beautiful out there. Lets face it, anything that can make leafless trees and brown lawns look beautiful…well, it just can’t be all bad.


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