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Advertising icons or simply: Buds issue Amber Alert for Dennis the Menace

April 19, 2010 - Taste Buds

The occasional unseasonably warm (and by warm we mean HOT) day makes the Buds want one thing.

No, it’s not world peace.

Although that would be nice.

It’s something much, MUCH more important.

It’s ice cream.

So, we did what we had to do - we went straight to nearest Dairy Queen!

As we were enjoying our frozen treats, Bud Em realized that there was something wrong with the cup that held her blizzard. Something was missing.

“Dude!” she said to Bud Tricia, “Where did Dennis the Menace go?”

That’s right folks, we just realized that we missed the little blond punk gracing our DQ cups!

Where is he? Where did he go? How long has he been gone?

Of course, this train of thought quickly spiraled out of control.

Before we could say “Watcha doin’ Mr. Wilson?” we had a whole list of advertising icons from the days yore that we had forgotten about!

How about the Fry Guys and the Hamburgler?

'Memba them?

How long has it been since we’ve seen them in a commercial or ad? How could we not have noticed they were gone?

To the McDonald’s Corporation we say: less inner city kids, more Fry Guys, please and thank you.

Here’s another one for ya - the Noid.

Remember the funny looking red nuisance who always tried to ruin the Domino’s Pizza? He was hilarious!

To the brass at Domino’s Pizza we say: forget this “new recipe” crap! So you fixed your sauce and crust. Now lose the two chefs that drive around and bring back the Noid!

Sales up, problem solved. You’re welcome.

Ahh, here’s a blast from the past: Spuds McKenzie.

Oh yes, we just went there.

This party pup was a HUGE marketing success.

He was a little dog that made drinking "cool!" He made losers get hot chicks!

To Anheuser-Busch we say: Okay, so you don’t really need a new marketing scheme -  as there will always be a great demand for your product.

But can’t you just give us back the t-shirts and beach towels. The plush toys?

Of course, there are numerous others.

Like, when’s the last time you saw Dig ‘Em put the smack down on his cereal?

Nothing would give us more pleasure than to see the Kool-Aid Man come busting through the wall of this office with a pitcher of Purplesaurus Rex.

Hey Kool-Aid indeed!

Now, Billie J. Elliott of Woodsfield shares her recipe for Strawberry Slush using, yep, Kool-Aid.

Blend together:

12 ounces frozen orange juice

1 large frozen strawberries (Can use sugared berries)


2 cups sugar

1 small pack pre-sweetened Strawberry Kool-Aid or Crystal Light

Add: 9 cups water

Freeze and serve.

Let the Buds know which advertising icons you’d like to see come back (that means you Pittfan!) or just drop them a line at


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