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May 13, 2010 - Kim Collette

LOST!  My favorite show on television will officially end on Sunday May 23.  And....I've just found out there's more "LOST" left than you think!  The producers have shot so much crucial material for this hugely anticipated series finale that ABC has agreed to extend the last episode by an extra half hour!  I can't wait!

This might as well be considered the "LOST" weekend.  On Saturday May 22, ABC is airing an "enhanced" version of the show's original 2 hour pilot. (The enhanced version is a "pop-up" version that fills the viewer in on information we might not have figured out on our own.) Then, on Sunday....the finale event!  They are bringing out the big guns.  First there will be a 2 hour retrospective titled "LOST: The Final Journey."  Then will be the finale titled "The End," which will air from 9:00 to 11:30!  So....if you are like me and enjoy the LOST experience commercial free, you better clear off your DVR! Because there are 6 1/2 hours of LOST to finish our journey.

So, my big question (as I am sure of the "Losties" have) is whether or not fans will be satisfied by the ending.  I've read that one of the executive producers has said that the finale will not be a "Sopranos" style fake-out, but  made it clear that viewers will definitely  be left with questions.  Damon Lindelof said, "The Sopranos' ending only worked on "The Sopranos."  The series finale has to fit the show.  We are trying to end LOST in a way that feels "Lost-ian" and fair and will generate a tremendous amount of theorizing.  We're going to be as definitive as we can be and say this is our ending, but there's no way to end the show where the fans aren't going to say, 'What did they mean by this?' Which is why we're not going to explain."

Are you kidding me?  I've watched 6 seasons to get answers!  I don't want to be more LOST!  Please, please answer some of my questions!  I don't want to feel like I have wasted all this time!  I still want to know:

What is this "sideways" world?

Is the whole purpose of the show to find a new Jacob?

Why did Desmond have to enter those numbers?

If the numbers represent the candidates, how were they assigned the number?

In fact, how were the candidates even chosen?

Is this really just an elaborate show about good/evil?

There are so many things I want to know, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that LOST won't disappoint me (like Seinfeld did) and that it will leave me satisfied  (like Sex and the City did).  So.... my plan is to get totally LOST on May 22 and 23 with the hopes of a finale that will leave me a good way!

Until next time friends!


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