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Things I've Learned From My Dog

May 21, 2010 - Kim Collette

All dog lovers can attest to this:  dogs are definitely smart!  Sometimes I think they are even smarter than we give them credit for.  So, I don't feel bad....not even for a second...saying that I have learned valuable lessons from my dog Ryder.    In fact...dare I say....dogs are geniuses.....they have it all figured out!

Love Unconditionally:  Ryder is always excited to see you.  When we come home (even if we are only gone for a few minutes) he wags, does circles and is happy we are back at home.  How many of us greet people we care about at the door?

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For What You Want:  Hungry?  Ryder will make sure we are paying attention and walk us to his food.  Have to go outside?  Ryder barks and heads us to his leash.  Want attention?  Ryder drops a toy in our laps or paws at us.  I think we too need to be more vocal about what we need in our lives.

Get Excited About Going For A Walk:  Ryder has a "clock" for this.  Everyday he goes for a walk around 7:30 in the morning.  And...he is like a bullet out of a gun running towards the door; wagging his tail the whole way.  We as people aren't made to sit an office from 9-5.  Ryder has taught me to get up, go for a walk and explore the world around me.

Enjoy the Simple Things:  Socks for toys....check!  Ice cubes for treats.....check!  Taking naps....check!  Ryder loves these things.  He doesn't need the most expensive toys or treats to enjoy himself.  Dogs just get it....appreciate the simple things in your life!

Trust Your Instincts:  Ryder will bark and bark and bark when someone is at the door.  (That is until he recognizes them).  Ryder has even become the protector of the car.  Don't come close to our car.....Ryder acts like he's going to bite your head off.  As people...trusting your instincts is something we all need to do.

Trust Your Loved Ones:  Ryder trusts us.  Once that bond is developed between dogs and people, it is forever.  Once you choose someone, a loved one, a friend, put your trust in them!  Make it forever!

Spend As Much Time As You Can With The Ones You Love:  As a dog...Ryder loves to be the center of attention.  But, I think he is the happiest when we are all home together with him.  Do you think we all need to reprioritize like a dog does?

Are you with me so far?  Those 7 lessons are "large life lessons" that we all can understand.  But, there are some things that are...lets say....a bit lighter in nature that I have learned.

*If you ask for love, you'll get love.....Ryder rolls over on his back until you rub his belly.

*Be persistent....Ryder knows that the more he chews on a toy...the closer he gets to his goal of destroying the toy

*When it's in your best interest...practice obedience...

*Eat with gusto and enthusiam

*Be loyal

*Avoid biting when a simple growl will do

*When someone is having a bad silent, sit close and nuzzle them

*When you are around and wag your entire body

*No matter how often you are scolded...don't buy into the guilt thing and right back and make friends

*If you stare at someone long enough, you'll eventually get what you want

*Sad puppy eyes will always get you out of trouble

*Anyone within a 3 block radius of your house is the enemy

*If it hits the floor, it's yours

And...above all!

I hope you appreciate some of this "Ryder Advice".....if least appreciate your dog!


Until next time friends!


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