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A change may be in the wind.

May 23, 2010 - Michael Palmer

My nephew calls and says he is trying to get some money together to buy a lap top and a cell phone plan with a 3G network for his new job.

The recent college graduate was hired by a company to be a regional manager. The company is owned by a billionaire or at least a multi-millionaire. I checked the stock listings and they made a huge profit last year, so when he asked, “Why do I have to buy this expensive equipment I need to do my job when I work for a company owned by a rich dude.”

My answer, “The rich dude and all of his corporate fat cats are either poor managers or just plain greedy.”

Here are the facts kid , corporate leaders had been running profitable business ventures in this country while providing their workforce with the tools required until recently. Wages have not kept pace with inflation, so it is logical that subsequently if companies are charging more for their goods while paying employees a smaller percentage of the company budget for wages, profits should be steady or growing.

He asked, “If corporations have asked workers to tighten their belts to keep the company from going belly up, shouldn’t their net worth also be suffering?”

He has much to learn. It takes a special sort of a person to sit in one of their mansions or summer villas, who makes millions of dollars daily off the sweat of their employees, to ask these people to take further cuts and make sacrifices to save their jobs.

I heard a nice young lady say recently, “Horse Feathers.”

Banks and corporations are looking for bailouts form the tax payers. I say NO! When thousands of Americans were losing their homes and going bankrupt from credit card debt there were no cries to bail us out.

I told my nephew to try and find a company run by a smarter management team that can properly run a business. A CEO that can run a company like their parents or grandparents did.

It is baffling to me that corporate giants on K street expect Joe Lunchbox to take on even more debt and tighten their already circulation limiting belts another notch. The same Joe Lunchbox families who lost jobs, homes and income because of corporate greed.

Americans are fed up with the insanity and maybe congress is finally hearing us complain. Three weeks after more than 15,000 people marched on Wall Street and just days after thousands more marched on K Street demanding Wall Street reform, the Senate passed legislation to reign-in the Wall Street Big Banks and put an end to the irresponsible behavior that crashed the economy.

Mark this one down as a victory for the working class.

You know that the fat cats were paying their lobbyists millions of dollars a day in overtime to swarm on Capitol Hill trying to block reform legislation. The same corporations who can not afford to pay a few hundred dollars for equipment employees need to make their companies money, suddenly they are being generous and spending millions like water to help preserve their lavish lifestyles.

Every one of us has a similar story. We take more concessions while the rich keep getting richer at our expense.

I once worked for a corporation that offered a spa weekend retreat for management. I declined. I told them I was raised poor and by a group of people that had taught me different values.

I told them to take the part-time cleaning lady who cleaned my office instead. They all laughed and of course she did not get to go. It would have spoiled their little ‘country club’ experience to have her along. She was not one of them, a lower class of human.

Take a long hard look in the mirror corporate America. Then ask your self what makes you any better than the lower class of humans. Is it money that makes you better? Or do you simply deserve the money because you are a higher form of life?



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