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Big Brother

August 12, 2010 - Kim Collette

I love Big Brother!  And...I used to think that if I was ever going to compete on a reality t.v. show, Big Brother would be it!  How bad could it really be?  All you are giving up is your contact with the world.  You still have all the comforts of home.  You still have food, beds, couches, air conditioning and a swimming pool.  Easy living!

At least that's what I thought....up until the "big, bad storm" last week.  We were a few of the lucky ones who had our power back on within 24 hours.  However, once we had power we had no cable or internet for 6 days!  Easy right?  Great training for when I actually make my debut on the Big Brother t.v. show, right? 

WRONG!  I now know (courtesy of Mother Nature) that I could never survive in the Big Brother house.  I barely survived 6 days without cable or internet.  6 days!  Not even a whole week, and I was going cuckcoo!  I can't imagine 70 days!  70 days with no contact with the outside world.  No internet.  No cable.  No books.  All you have at the Big Brother house are the other houseguests.

I know how they feel now being cooped up with only the people around you to enterain you.   And it's no wonder they start acting the way the do.  We barely survived 6 days without killing each other.  I only had one person to deal with at home, not the 12 or so I'd have to deal with on the show.  Think about it.  Trapped in a house with the same 12 people day in and day out with only them to talk to.  YIKES!  Now...the thought alone sends shivers down my spine.

I guess being at home wasn't as bad as it could have been.  At least at home you have your privacy.  No so on Big Brother.  ( is a t.v. show!)  The Big Brother house is equipped with 51 cameras.  It also has 74 microphones and 116 camera windows.  The topper is that there is even a camera over the toilet in case there is a "secret meeting" in the stall.

There is one thing I see as positive about the Big Brother house.  Each houseguest gets paid a weekly salary.  I didn't get a salary those 6 days at home and I actually worked!   

So...while I am really upset with Mother Nature for the destruction the "big bad storm" caused last week, I don't absolutely hate her.  At least now I realize how lucky I am NOT to be on Big Brother.....but I do still enjoy watching the show....that is when we have cable!

Until next time friends..


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