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Arnie's Rants, Raves and Ramblings.

November 3, 2010 - Michael Palmer
I should be posting this one under Mike Hughes blog header: Rants, Raves and Ramblings.

The Election Results are in and the Tea Party Movement may not be just “A bunch of kooks” as one local political writer calls them. It is a long overdue revolt against the professional political class that is running and ruining our once great nation.

In Washington, politicians are bought and sold like a herd of prime beef. The fact that a candidate will spends billions of dollars to be elected to a post that pays $100,000 a year should be a clue that there are benefits that far exceed the monetary compensation.

We do not need a 28th amendment to the constitution to fix the problem. A simpler solution would be to base the salary of congress on a percentage of the national minimum wage and then raise or lower that salary in accordance with the social security benefits for seniors.

While some working people are making the choice between food and heat or prescription medicines, some elitists in congress are actually calling for dropping the already grossly underpaid minimum wage. One such Republican elitist was NOT elected in W Va. and thus the GOP is now aware that tea party voters are well informed and educated patriots who will not be fooled into accepting whatever candidate the party chooses to run.

I personally feel that the two-party system is so corrupt that we need a third choice. Ross Perot may not have been the best candidate if you are going to try and establish a third party, but I still recall his words, “If you pass NAFTA there is going to be a great sucking sound to the south as all our jobs are going across the border into countries with cheap labor. “

The working class is angry and justifiably so. They worked for years to earn their slice of the pie we call The American Dream. Now they watch as their car is repossessed, their house is sold at Sheriff’s auction in foreclosure while their jobs are shipped to foreign countries; all because a corporate CEO decided that cheap labor was a way to make MORE PROFITS and fuel their corporate GREED.

Many employees today -- especially layoff survivors -- are just happy to have a job. But they have been left in a difficult predicament: significantly increased workloads, leading to trouble getting everything done in the allotted time.

Nobody wants to be the one who can't finish all the work; in this economy, that might lead to fears of a pink slip during the next round of layoffs. So some employees find themselves working longer, without being paid -- or even asking -- for overtime.

Perhaps now congress can feel a little of that fear of ‘loss of employment‘. Perhaps they will not rush home on their tax payer funded jet, or head to a resort with their lobbyist friends, but rather stay in Washington and do what their paid for; Represent the PEOPLE - NOT fat cat corporations and their lobbyists.

I work, my wife works, my son and daughter work. Yet we can not make any head way towards our slice of the American Dream. One of my daughters has moved back home due to a financial shortage. We watch prices soar at the gas pumps, inflation runs wild and meanwhile we hear our politicians slapping each other on the back and declaring “the recession is over!” Really, show me where - because I am not seeing it.

My father worked his entire life, then gets underwater on a reverse mortgage to bail out my sister, who is facing foreclosure on her home. Now no one has the money to buy back his home if he should die.

But, we should not be complaining, because in this economy we have a roof over our heads, a decent used car to drive and a job. I currently make about $1 an hour less than the first job I had out of college back in 1984, but like many other employees today -- especially layoff survivors like me -- we are just happy to have a job. Bonus: I am fortunate enough to have one that I like doing and work with a great bunch of crazy people like myself.

I support the Tea Party movement and feel it is a long over due peaceful revolt against the political elite. The people have spoken, now, let’s see who was listening.


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