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A peanut allergy

March 24, 2011 - Taste Buds
WHILE cruising through our Facebook messages, we found the following post on a friendás page:

"Just saw on the news. A little girl is severely allergic to nuts. The school district is asking for the students to wash their hands twice a day and nut free snacks. The parents are complaining and picketing the school because the allergy free kids are being discriminated against and all the hand washing time is taking away from learning time. Wow!! How selfish can people be?"

She was referring to a story out of Florida where a first-grade student has such a severe allergy that her life is actually threatened when exposed to peanuts. Apparently the child's allergy is considered a disability under the American with Disability Act.

Her fellow students (and the adults she comes in contact with) have been asked by the school district to wash their hands before entering the classroom and after lunch. They are also expected to rinse the mouths after eating.

The district said they are making every possible accommodation to ensure the child's safety and, although some parents have either complained or picketed the school, they will stand firm in that decision.

The story indicates a few parents have even asked that the child with the allergy be "kicked out" of the classroom and be home schooled. Why? Because they claim the time spent in washing hands and rinsing mouths is taking away from the overall education process.


We don't think so. The hand washing should be completed more than twice a day. The mouth rinsing can't take more than a few minutes.

Considering others in our day-to-day lives is part of the education process ... a part some parents evidently did not master during their own school days.

Responses to the Facebook posting from local people, which follow, apparently concur with the Florida school's decision. Here are a few of those comments:

"Wow.. Selfish is right. Where was this? Anywhere close by?"

"Kids should be washing their hands twice a day anyways!!!!"

"I saw this too..first thing I thought was, what if the child with the severe allergies was THEIRS..we don't think enough about the 'do unto others rule' my opinion."

"Why are they only washing their hands twice? Karma will get those parents who 'discriminate' against a child with an allergy to nuts! That child has no control over what allergies develop, however those parents can control their own stupidity"


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