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Soggy Start Not Appreciated

April 4, 2011 - Michael Palmer
The soggy start for this week spells more cancellations & delays as the Spring sports season struggles to get underway. While rain is a problem, the thunder lightning that accompanies it at times is a real danger. Lightning is also one of the only weather conditions that will postpone a track meet.

Beginning in the fall of 2009, the policy on lightning and inclement weather changed from recent policies.

The current Lightning and Inclement Weather Policy states: WEATHER Recognition: Coaches, athletic trainers, athletes, administrators and contest officials should be educated regarding the signs indicating thunderstorm development. Since the average distance between successive lightning flashes is approximately two to three miles, ANYTIME that lightning can be seen or heard, the risk is already present.

Management: Evacuation – If lightning is imminent or a thunderstorm is approaching, all personnel, athletes and spectators shall evacuate to available safe structures or shelters. A list of the closest safe structures should be announced and displayed on placards at all athletic venues.

Thirty-minute rule – Competition or practice shall be suspended once lightning has been recognized or thunder is heard. It is mandatory to wait at least 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning is witnessed or thunder is heard prior to resuming practice or competition. Given the average rates of thunderstorm travel, the storm should move 10-12 miles away from the area. This significantly reduces the risk of local lightning flashes. Any subsequent lightning or thunder after the beginning of the 30-minute count shall reset the clock, and another count shall begin.

If the game can not be completed due to the lightning, field conditions or darkness the OHSAA has rules that fans and parents should familiarize themselves with.

Under OHSAA rules, games are never called and “started over” at a later date. When a regular season game is interrupted or suspended for any reason, and the game cannot be resumed that day the game will be suspended if the team behind in the score has not completed its turn at bat in the fifth inning. If a regular season contest has gone beyond this point (fifth inning) it is a complete game, subject to two important exceptions: 1. Tie game- the OHSAA does not permit contests to end in a tie. All games are won, lost, or suspended. Therefore, tie games are suspended. Any game is also suspended when it... 2. Has gone five innings AND the visiting team has scored one or more runs to tie the score or take the lead, and the home team has not retaken the lead AND the game is called while an inning is in progress but before it has been completed. When a suspended game is completed it shall be continued from the point of suspension with batting orders and lineups the same. Substitutions may be made. Suspended games that are not resumed are a “No Contest.”

With 28 games to be played in the season, the rain is not welcomed. I also would like to see a break in the rain so I can get my garden tilled and my spring plants 'mudded' into the rows. I did finally get my greenhouse back onto the side of the house and we have now little plants on the way.

With gas prices sure to reach $4 a gallon under the unregulated stock market driven greed fest on oil prices, I feel that I may need a nice sized garden and a bunch of canning and freezing this fall to make it next winter.

You know vegetables will be out of sight if the price of diesel fuel makes it up another dollar.

I did appreciate the warm temperatures today, but Tuesday is another day and the Mercury is on it's annual yo-yo ride again.

SO..... I will keep my rain coat, three different jackets, a pair of extra shoes for mud and my snow scraper in my car until the end of May, just to be prepared.


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