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1. It is an adult medium. No seventh grader who has difficulty reading likes to be seen carrying around Six Ducks in a Pond, but the same student is proud to be seen carrying a newspaper.

2. It deals in reality, in what is happening here and now. Motivation for reading and for discussion are built in.

3. It bridges the gap between the classroom and the “real” world.

4. It contains history as it happens, reported as completely and as objectively as possible.

5. It is the ideal text for individualized instruction because it contains something for every student - the comics for reading enjoyment; the editorials for thinking skills; math problems ranging from number recognition to understanding stock reports; information useable in every academic discipline.

6. It contains practical vocabulary, the words students will use over and over throughout their lives. It provides a perfect base for learning English.

7. It can be marked, cut, pasted and colored - all important to those who learn best by doing and seeing.

8. It contains, in its news stories, the best models for clear, concise and simple writing.

9. It is the perfect model for teaching students to write for a purpose and for a particular audience.

10. It is the only up-to-date social studies and science text there is.

11. It is the only text that the majority of students will continue to read throughout their lives.

12. It is an influential and integral part of our free society. Its freedom is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. This freedom is “less the right to the newspaper to print than it is the right of the citizens to read."



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