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Tea Party

October 9, 2013 Dear Editor Maybe it is time for a little history lesson. more »»


October 9, 2013 Dear Editor, I think that Mr. Gentile is right on restoring the Homestead Exemption to the elderly and or disabled. It seems to me that the $30,000 Threshold is a little low. more »»


October 9, 2013 Dear Editor, Let me see if I understand this. If a madman kills thousands of people in a foreign country with gas and nerve agents, we intervene for humanitarian reasons. more »»

Syrian Killings

October 9, 2013 Dear Editor, While watching the news about Syria using Chemical Weapons on their citizens the thought came to me. more »»

Library Levy

October 7, 2013 Dear?Editor, The library is many different things to many different people--study hall, office training center, movie house, meeting place, even a home away from home. more »»

At the Bank

October 5, 2013 Dear Editor I was at the Chase Bank in Bellaire, Ohio. I parked down the street and walked up due to a large amount of parked vehicles outside the bank. more »»

Shadyside Levy

October 5, 2013 Dear?Editor, Mr. Tellitocci has sent letters to the editor in the past concerning politics and political party agendas and to be truthful I have had a hard time digesting some of his political views. more »»


October 4, 2013 Dear?Editor So, what is the fascination with magic shows? I mean, we all know that it is a put-on, yet many gasp with wonder as though what is known to be an illusion is actually rea. more »»

Library Levy

October 2, 2013 Dear?Editor: It’s hard to believe that Fall is here. I always look forward to the first changing leaves and seeing the colorful hillsides throughout Harrison County. more »»

Shadyside Levy

September 28, 2013 Dear Editor, On Sept. 15, Mr. Haswell concluded a letter to the editor by stating that before you write a letter consult him. more »»


September 27, 2013 Dear Editor, I am most concerned and saddened to read of the rash of animal abuse which is occurring across this nation, animals that are being savagely beaten, medievally tortured and even... more »»


September 26, 2013 Dear Editor, On Sept. 3, my husband, George Singer, who has dementia, was missing for over five hours. The response from our community was overwhelming. I would like to thank the St. more »»

Fiscal Crisis

September 24, 2013 Dear?Editor, During the last council meeting, a normally soft voice was trumpeting the warning calls to the village council. more »»

Cursive Writing

September 24, 2013 Dear Editor, In response to Virginia Helms, St. Clairsville, regarding “cursive writing”: Ms. more »»

DAR celebration

September 24, 2013 Dear Editor, The anniversary of our Constitution was observed Sept. 17-23. This is one of our country’s least know observances. In behalf of my D.A.R. more »»

American Dream

September 21, 2013 Dear Editor, The elite have been waging and winning a war against workers for decades. Not just union workers, let's be clear. Although unions are often the most visible scapegoat. more »»

Library Support

September 21, 2013 Dear?Editor, We are privileged to live in a country that has libraries. It has been said that free libraries should be available to all of the American peopl. more »»

Having Faith

September 21, 2013 Dear Editor, Several weeks ago I wrote a letter that mentioned the phrase, "beware the good Nazi" Its meaning is thi. more »»

Humanitarian War

September 21, 2013 Dear Editor: I am a veteran of both the Army and the Navy but, as I have stated many times, I am also a pacifist. I do not support the killing of anyone. more »»

Imported Food

September 21, 2013 Dear Editor, Readers may be taken back to know how much of the food Americans ingest is imported. more »»



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