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Justice Kennedy

October 26, 2014 Dear?Editor Law and order. That is the type of society we all want. Many things go into the creation of an orderly society. more »»

Daniels Backer

October 26, 2014 Dear Editor, I just want to take a minute to talk about how important this upcoming election is to the working class. more »»

Taking Action

October 26, 2014 Dear Editor, I just want to put my two cent in about the upcoming election for our next State Representative between Charlie Daniels and Andy Thompson. more »»

Boot Kasich

October 25, 2014 Dear Editor Elections are next week and thank goodness because I’ve had it with campaign ad. more »»


October 25, 2014 Dear Editor, I am writing to Thank all the “Angels” who came to Daphne’s Place “Pampered Pooch Party” at the Belmont County Animal Shelter on Sunday, Oct. 12. more »»

No More Excuses

October 25, 2014 Dear Editor, The Ohio Secretary of State’s office oversees all Ohio elections and the districts. more »»

Vote Garrison

October 25, 2014 Dear?Editor As a member of the Marietta City Council representing the 4th Ward since 1998, I know firsthand of some of the things Jennifer Garrison did for our City and County as our State... more »»

Garrison Supporter

October 25, 2014 Dear?Editor: I am very hopeful about the upcoming mid-term elections this November. We have all watched with growing dismay the on-going antics in Washington, D.. more »»

Garrison Backer

October 25, 2014 Dear?Editor Jennifer Garrison will work for us in Congress. She is the best candidate to represent the people of Southeastern Ohio in the House of Representatives in Washington. more »»


October 25, 2014 Dear?Editor Of all the things out of which to fabricate a political issue, the accusations against Andy Thompson regarding the “Nuns on the Bus” take the cake. more »»

Garrison Backer

October 24, 2014 Dear?Editor As I contemplate my trip to the polls in November I know that Jennifer Garrison is one person who will be getting my vote and strong stamp of approval. more »»

Competent Trio

October 24, 2014 Dear Editor, Although I read Letters to the Editor each night and on Saturday and Sunday mornings, I seldom feel the need to reply, but today I've had enough and finally decided to express my... more »»

War on Coal

October 24, 2014 Dear Editor, As I was reading last night’s newspaper, Letters to the Editor, I came across a letter from Mr. John Bilica from Bridgeport. Now let me get this straight. Mr. Bilica is hoping that I.S. more »»

Johnson’s Values

October 24, 2014 Dear Editor, Recently read in the Times Leader that areas in Ohio ran out of flu vaccine. more »»

Rural Help

October 24, 2014 Dear?Editor I just read the article in today’s paper about the commissioner's race in Belmont County. I understand moving our county forward and obtaining good paying jobs. more »»

Bellaire Schools

October 23, 2014 Dear?Editor, Congratulations, Bellaire Public Schools. This references the most recent report published in the Times Leader concerning academic progress of the schools in Belmont County. more »»

Daniels Supporter

October 23, 2014 Dear?Editor, This letter is in response to Mr. Chuck Harrah’s letter that was published in the Times Leader on Tuesday October 7th pape. more »»

Charlie Daniels

October 23, 2014 Dear Editor, I am writing this letter about my friend, Charlie Daniels, whom I have known and worked with for decades. Charlie isn’t the type to brag or put himself above other. more »»

Affordable Care Act

October 22, 2014 Dear Editor, As we now near the first year anniversary of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, also referred to as Obamacare, to date approximately 10. more »»

Thomas Backer

October 22, 2014 Dear?Editor As a former county commissioner and current township trustee, I am invested in our county and recognize how imperative it is to have proven leaders on the Belmont County Board of... more »»



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