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October 13, 2014 Dear Editor, Environment Ohio released a new report about air pollution and global warming issues during this week. more »»

‘Finger Pointer’

October 11, 2014 Dear Editor, We have all heard of the old saying, “Point the finger at someone and you have three pointing at you!” Is dirty politics ever going to stop? The negative political ads on the old tub... more »»

Andy Thompson

October 11, 2014 Dear Editor: I attended a televised debate between Representative Andy Thompson and his challenger Charlie Daniels in Marietta recently. I fail to see how anyone can take Daniels seriously. more »»


October 10, 2014 Dear Editor, I’m writing to respond to a letter relieving our State Representative Andy Thompson of all responsibilities to fight for our local jobs, like the 1000 jobs our local economy has lost... more »»

Improving Economy

October 10, 2014 Dear Editor, As a result of the September 2014 Jobs Report, is it not now finally time for the citizens of our great nation to, at long last, finally begin to regain a considerable amount of our... more »»

The Missouri Mess

October 10, 2014 Dear Editor 1. You have a situation where a police officers shoots an unarmed man. 2. You have riots in the street. Businesses and properties of innocent people are destroyed. 3. more »»

Vote for Daniels

October 9, 2014 Dear Editor I am not a normal individual to write a letter to the editor. With times as they are I feel compelled to write this letter. more »»

Lying Political Ads

October 8, 2014 Dear Editor, It is unbelievable the lengths politicians will go to in order to cover up the things they have done. more »»

Jennifer Garrison

October 8, 2014 Dear?Editor, Let me start by saying I love this country and what it represents. more »»

Adopted Sons

October 8, 2014 Dear?Editor, In an October 5, 2014, Letter to the Editor, a local gentleman chastised Bill Johnson for being a ‘Carpetbagger’ because he was not born in Ohio. more »»

Dog Warden

October 8, 2014 Dear Editor, Hey!! We have our very own “Dog whisperer”: The Jefferson County dog warden! Really??! Stel Puskarich Dillonvale ... more »»

Andy Thompson

October 7, 2014 Dear Editor As often is the case around election time the circulation of lies, half- truths, gross exaggerations, and vicious attacks at the opposition has become more prevalent than ever befor. more »»

Good Deed

October 7, 2014 Dear?Editor, Things today are ever-changing, humanity, environment, government, the way we raise and teach our youth and many other facets of society as well. more »»

'Blessed Day'

October 5, 2014 Dear?Editor I wanna give a huge shout out to the community, everyone who donated and who volunteered their time for the "blessing day" the Valley Church in St Clairsville put on Sept 21. more »»

Losing Jobs

October 5, 2014 Dear?Editor The recently released proposal by the EPA to reduce carbon emissions will have a lasting impact on the lives of all Americans. more »»


October 5, 2014 Dear Editor, First off, I would like to thank Mr. Bill Bryant for his letter in the paper recently. I would like to add a comment about all of these people putting out “Impeach Obama. more »»


October 5, 2014 Dear?Editor, Our carpetbagger Congressman, Bill Johnson, continues the Republican war on reality with his latest radio ad; he claims "4 million people have lost their insurance , 700 million has... more »»

Be More Involved

October 5, 2014 Dear?Editor With more than 75% of Americans calling themselves Christians, it's time for the Church to rise up and take action to turn the tide in our nation! If we are silent, we have no one to... more »»

Common Core

October 3, 2014 Dear?Editor, I’m amazed that people can just blame the failure to stop a plant’s closing on a few individuals. Let’s not forget that Ormet was in bankruptcy, not once but twic. more »»

No Daniels Fan

October 2, 2014 Dear Editor: I attended a televised debate between Representative Andy Thompson and his challenger Charlie Daniels in Marietta recently. I fail to see how anyone can take Daniels seriously. more »»



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