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September 18, 2014 Dear Editor Recently I read that a Lt. Colonel with 24 years of service in the U.S. more »»

Andy Thompson

September 17, 2014 Dear Editor, Within the last week I have read two letters to the editor that are completely off base. more »»

People First

September 17, 2014 Dear Editor, My biggest concern as a voter during the 2014 election is the amount of corruption involved in campaigning. more »»


September 14, 2014 Dear Editor, I would like to address a letter I recently read claiming to contain the “Truth about Thompson. more »»


September 14, 2014 Dear Editor: Allow me to add additional examples to Richard Hord's excellent letter regarding the Republican war on reality: During Governor Kasich's recent campaign appearance at a local auto... more »»


September 14, 2014 Dear Editor The Harrison County Public Defender’s Office reached a milestone this year, marking 20 years of operation on March 31, 2014. more »»

Life Savers

September 13, 2014 Dear Editor, God is good all the time. I have known this for most of my life, however, every so often an event happens to reiterates this fact for me. The event occurred on April 18 of this yea. more »»

To America

September 13, 2014 Dear Editor, If we don’t stand for God, He will NOT hear our plea for help. more »»

Mead Lights

September 12, 2014 Dear Editor, It is very frustrating to read in the paper almost daily of all the oil and gas money coming to government agencies in our area while we in Mead Township still have no street lights... more »»


September 12, 2014 Dear Editor, On Sept. 17, 1787 our U.S. Constitution was formally signed and Sept. 17-23 has been observed as Constitution Week for 58 years. It is an observance a few of us are aware of. more »»

HN 488

September 12, 2014 Dear Editor, September 16 is a landmark day for Ohio’s approximately 900,000 veterans of military service. more »»


September 12, 2014 Dear Editor, Maybe we become enraged about the wrong things as we are preparing for Sunday School. I have been collecting facts since my trip to some missions on the border last November. more »»

Charlie Daniels

September 11, 2014 Dear Editor, For the past year I have worked inside the UEO Midstream Gas Plant in Scio, Ohio. In this time, I have gotten to know a co-worker named, Charlie Daniels, quite well. more »»

‘War on Women and Men’

September 8, 2014 Dear Editor, We have all heard about the Republican Party’s “War on Women”. I think the Republican Party’s agenda is also a “War on Men. more »»

Horror Story

September 8, 2014 Dear?Editor To say that WWII was one horror story after another is a description that has to be remembered; the Nazi death camps of Auschwitz, the Battle of Britain, the siege of Stalingrad, the... more »»

War on Reality

September 7, 2014 Dear Editor, I continue to be somewhat stunned and amazed by the unrelenting chutzba of Republicans/Conservatives, particularly on the national level, who choose to continue to attempt to deceive... more »»

Charlie Daniels

September 4, 2014 Dear Editor, Long-championed in our nation’s storied exercise with democracy has been the ‘man of the people. more »»

Deer Shooting

September 4, 2014 Dear Editor, As a lifelong animal lover and owner that keeps animals til’ death do us part, I, too, was perplexed about the pre-meditated homicide of a very humanized, tame deer named Bucky, in... more »»

Missouri Shooting

September 2, 2014 Dear Editor, The so called Governor of Missouri” wanted a vigorous prosecution of the officer.” Adding insult to injury, the Attorney General of the United States all but called the officer guilt. more »»


September 2, 2014 Dear Editor, I was struck with utter dismay when I read about the killing of Bucky the deer. more »»



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