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The Watt Mining Car Wheel Company

January 8, 2015 MAIN OFFICE and WORKS of the Watt Mining Car Wheel Company, Barnesville, Ohio. more »»

Christmas Program

January 7, 2015 THE NORTH School third grade girls in Mrs. Daisy Gocsik’s class participated in the Christmas program by singing “I Have an Old Rag Dollly”. This was Mrs. Gocsik’s first year of teaching. more »»

Grandfather Jack

January 6, 2015 GRANDFATHER JACK Kidd from Crabapple, looking down on some of his grand children. more »»

"Uncle Bud" Whitecotton

January 5, 2015 EMERSON “Uncle Bud” WHITECOTTON, and was a long-time employee of Johnson Boiler. He and owner, Howard Johnson, had dark black hair and were often mistaken for brothers. more »»

Harry Grimm and Children

January 3, 2015 ON THE front porch at Harry Grimm’s house, sitting on his lap is Kamden Dulesky. Zac Brown is rubbing his hand on his brother’s head. Carter was saying, “pass me the jug of chip. more »»

The Kidd Family

January 2, 2015 THE KIDD Family. Donald J. and Arlene Kidd with children, from right, Donald, deceased; Arlene with Robert on her lap. Dorothy in middle, Donald J., deceased; and Dawnette Albert. more »»

El Conquistador Resort

December 31, 2014 IN 1996 Charlotte Kryah was enjoying a stroll along the beach at the El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Ric. more »»

U.S. Coast Guard Buddies

December 30, 2014 U.S. COAST Guard Buddies in 1968 at Louis Wetzel Rifle Range. Richard “Seggy” Porter on the left and John “Clyde” Tokarz on the right. more »»

Carl Foster

December 29, 2014 THIS VETERAN, Carl Foster, of Bethesda, was in the Korean War from 1949-1953. He was stationed in Wurzburg, Germany in this photo. more »»

Dunlap Sisters and Brother

December 27, 2014 THERE IS a lot of “cousins” in this area of the Dunlap sisters and brother. The parents were Elizabeth Bethel and William J. Dunlap. more »»

1943 State "B" Champs

December 26, 2014 1943 STATE “B” CHAMPS OHIO, “Yorkville High School Basketball Team”. more »»

A Visit with Santa

December 24, 2014 CHRISTMAS 1964, six months old Michael Kinnan and his sister, Vicki, sitting on Santa’s lap. Vicki Kinnan Prescott lives with her husband, Jim, and son, Ryan, in Dublin, Ohio. more »»

Santa pays a Visit

December 23, 2014 IN 1993, Santa paid a visit to Beverly Lough with granddaughter, Kayla, age 2 years old. She was afraid of Santa until he called her name. Santa was a helper for children at parties for years. more »»

Bellaire Glass Museum Decorations

December 22, 2014 THE BELLAIRE Glass Museum in 1975 was located on Jefferson Street in Bellaire. The museum was decorated for the holidays and was razed because of the Ohio 7 relocation. more »»

Hughes Family Sisters and In-Laws

December 20, 2014 HUGHES FAMILY Sisters and Sisters-in-law. We’ve all always felt like we are true sisters with our sisters-n-la. more »»

Holloway Basketball Team 1947-48

December 19, 2014 HOLLOWAY BASKETBALL Team in 1947- 48 are: Front row, left to right: #60, James Beil; #70, Carroll Brewer; #50 Robert Edgell; #99, Richard East; #40 Vernon Barker. more »»

Wheeling-Pitt Retirees Honored

December 18, 2014 HONORED AT a dinner by the Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation’s Yorkville Plant were 78 retiring employees. more »»

Kryah Reunion, 1996

December 17, 2014 IN 1996, at the Kryah reunion in Canton, Ohio. Pictured are: Mike Kryah, Richard “Dick” Kryah, Mary (Kryah) Drosieko and John Kryah, deceased. more »»

Grandma Grimm

December 16, 2014 GRANDMA GRIMM with her great-great-grandchildren, Kyle and Kayla. Back row, great-grandchildren: Brennon, Carter, Bryan, and Zac. On her left is grandson, Jeff Grimm at part. more »»

The Nicolozakes Children

December 15, 2014 THESE 10 brothers and sisters are the children of Gus and Diamanta Nicolozakes raised during the Great Depression in Fairpoint, Ohio. This photo was taken approximately in 1994. more »»



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