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This Photo

February 14, 2014 THIS PHOTO by a Barnesville photographer shows Salinda (Ankrom) McCoy, who was born in 1862 during the Civil War and lived until 1930 just after the beginning of the Great Depression. more »»

Times Leader Softball Team 1988

February 13, 2014 IN 1988 these Times Leader employees made a Softball team and looks like they are taking a break or the game is over. more »»

Friends Enjoying the Snow

February 12, 2014 FRIENDS ENJOYING the Snow in the Winter of 1960... Linda Circosta Little of Shadyside, Lydia Jarrett Brown of Columbus, Sandra Steele Boyd of Shadyside and Elizabeth Johnson Stillion of Bellaire. more »»

Johnson's Boiler Friends

February 11, 2014 THE YEAR was 1961 and Johnson’s Boiler was still in Martins Ferry and would relocate to Benwood, when the new Route 7 was buil. more »»

Marchers and Rallies

February 10, 2014 MARCHES AND rallies in support of burning Ohio coal were held during the late 1970s. These supporters paraded down a street in Eastern Ohio, possibly in Steubenville. more »»

Sleding and Tubing

February 8, 2014 SLED/TUBE?RIDING the day after the Blizzard of 1993 were Bethany, Shaye and Tanner Wallace. Looks like that was a fun time and a big hill to walk back up. more »»

Street Scene in Warnock, Ohio

February 7, 2014 A STREET scene in Warnock, Ohio as it appeared in the early 1900’s. more »»

Bethesda Panthers 1966-1967

February 6, 2014 1966-1967 Bethesda Panthers Basketball Team First row: Debbie Snyder, David Wilson, Randy Weller, Brian Kildow, John McCormick, Julie Thatche. more »»

Four Buds

February 5, 2014 FOUR BUDDIES acting “Cool. more »»

Cousins in the Snow

February 4, 2014 THESE THREE Cousins were playing in the snow, left to right Ashley Wiggins, E.J. Funkhauser, and Chrissy Wiggins. more »»


February 3, 2014 CHECKING OUT the first set of “Jaws of Life” to be used for the tremendous amount of wrecks that occurred on State Route 7 in Martins Ferry, during the late 1970’s is, left to right: Mayor John... more »»

Martins Ferry Softball in 1975

February 1, 2014 ABOUT IN 1975, these Martins Ferry Softball Players had a practice at Floto Field in Martins Ferry. more »»

First Pony Ride

January 31, 2014 MARY ALICE Brooks Connors on her first “pony” ride at the age of 6 months old. more »»

Susan and Frank Palicka holding ice

January 30, 2014 DURING THE Winter of 1976-77 near the Ohio River in Bellaire, these children, Susan Palicka Rockey and Frank Palicka , holding a piece of ice from the river, with their dog, Julie, pose for a picture. more »»

The Brooks Siblings

January 29, 2014 THE BROOK Siblings posing together after their brother Tubby’s funeral. Front row, left to right, Mary Alice Brooks Connors, deceased; Phyllis Brooks. more »»

Taking a walk, Susan and Frank Palicka

January 28, 2014 DURING THE Winter of 1976-77, near the Ohio River in Bellaire, these children, Susan Palicka Rockey and Frank Palicka, pose for a picture while taking a walk along the railroad tracks in the snow. more »»

Opening their Gifts

January 27, 2014 OPENING A gift after Christmas that “Santa” gave them are Chrissy and Ashley Wiggins, right. The gift was a brick and “Bibles. more »»

I-470 Bridge Construction

January 25, 2014 THE INTERSTATE 470 bridge was connected in the center during this phase of the highway project. Ohio Gov. Richard Celeste and West Virginia Go. more »»

People Helped

January 24, 2014 PEOPLE HELPED people during the 1990 flash flooding in the Shadyside area and in Jefferson County. more »»

Keller's Grocery

January 23, 2014 KELLER’S GROCERY Store in Bellaire offered a variety of foods, many of which were in barrels. It was operated by Margaret Jane and George W. Keller at 2601 Belmont St. more »»



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