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Murray: Obama plan may decimate coal

June 26, 2013

WHEELING — Upper Ohio Valley coal mine operators prepared for the worst Tuesday while listening to President Barack Obama speak about carbon emissions from the campus of Georgetown University in......

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Jun-27-13 3:26 PM

I am listening for Cecil Rogers and Rich Trumpka!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or do you Prefer to attend white house dinners with your cuff links and 300 dollar shirts !!!!!!!Mr. Rogers and Mr. Trumpka where are your voices ??????????????

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Jun-27-13 1:03 PM

I agree John McCain (was) but in order to get the nomination he had to pander to the right wing wackos and pick Carabu Barbie. Mitt Romney did the same, he had to campaign against his signature issue as goveronor of MA Romneycare to get the nomination. The he makes his 47 % remark. The fact is 47 % that doesn't pay income tax don't make enough money but they into SS, sales taxes etc. What is really ironic he got 47 % of the vote and the states he carried have the most takers.

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Jun-27-13 12:44 PM

OhioDem: I'm not sure what you're even talking about! Over 4 years ago, the Republican candidate for President was far from what you call a "bigot" and is still very forward thinking with a very strong moral base. Our current US President's plan will ruin the coal industry and, I reiterate, 44.6% of us in Belmont County voted for him.

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Jun-27-13 12:06 PM

nobama What does working 80 hours a week do? It puts another person out of a job. If you can't figure that out you are just plain stupid.

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Jun-27-13 10:25 AM

Ignorance of some never ceases to amaze me....bashing the Company that provides jobs and tax revenue is what idiots do. Ohiodem you couldn't handle a job in a mine..probably a job any where cause your type is still living in Mom's basement. What does Murray's work schedule have to do with you?

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Jun-26-13 9:43 PM

OhioDem is a racist. Substitute "black" for "white" and see how it sounds.

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Jun-26-13 6:19 PM

I know a few people who have recently quit the mine. The complaint is they have no life at all. 10 to 12 hrs a day and forced Saturdays. Murray will never go to a 40 hr or even a 50 hr week because he would rather work those guys to death than hire more people and have to give them benefits. of course some of those guys like it and that's fine. if your young and smart you can pile up a lot of cash in about 10 years time. Unfortunately most go out buy an expensive home, forty grand pick up that ***** gas, new motorcycle and a boat plus all the old ladies desires.

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Jun-26-13 3:24 PM

Purple, you guys run a candidate that isn't a bigot with his mind in the 1900s you may win someday. There just aren't enough bigited white people to win a Presidential election anymore. Get used to Democrats.

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Jun-26-13 3:18 PM

I get tired of the whining from Murray. With an abundance of clean and cheap natural gas, why use coal.The gas industry is happy, you can't please everyone. Where are all these new hires working? How about coal going to a 40 hour week, that would make lots of coal jobs. We got people working a 80 hour week blaming someone else for the lack of coal jobs. Think about it!

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Jun-26-13 3:13 PM

Do Cecil Rogers And Rich Trumpka stand with the President or the rank and file of th e UMWA?????? Mr. Rogers and Mr. Trumpka, where are your voices ?????????????????????????????????

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Jun-26-13 12:10 PM

This is no surprise - yet 44.6% of Belmont County votes contributed to putting this guy back into the presidential office - very sad.

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Jun-26-13 11:49 AM

I said in my comments LAST yr. that the back stabbin, lying Obummer was AGAINST the coal industry..And i believe also his BUDDY,Lou Gentile.. Lou speaks with forked tongue when it comes to our coal industry. To our face, Lou is all in favor of our coal industry,, BUT....... You can fill in the rest...

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