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July 12, 2013

DEALING with the immigration problem including the 11 million immigrants living illegally in the United States appears to be a case of locking the barn door after the horse is stolen....

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Jul-12-13 6:13 PM

The GOP House is a cesspool. It has no interest in doing anything to help this nation.

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Jul-13-13 5:01 AM

The senate is a septic tank, led by the worst politician since.......well, anyone.

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Jul-14-13 6:14 AM

In 2014 I hope most of the republican crap in Congress gets flushed.

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Jul-14-13 3:24 PM

For those of you who see a moral equivalence between Republicans and Democrats, it's worth noting that congressional Republicans are on the verge of a regressive trifecta: blocking immigration reform, blocking student loans, and eviscerating food stamps. Republicans at the state level, meanwhile, are restricting abortion rights, slashing unemployment benefits, and refusing federal aid to expand Medicaid. This is not to defend Democrats. Too many of them have been too reluctant to lead, too ready to cave, and too eager to drink at the same monied troughs as Republicans. But the Democrats have not set out to harm the disadvantaged and the vulnerable of our society. They have stood up for women, students, the unemployed, the stressed middle, and the poor. They are not the moral equivalent of today's Republicans, who are displaying little or no morality at all. -- Robert Reich

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Jul-16-13 7:21 AM

After losing the black and female vote the goon ball republicans are working overtime to chase off the Hispanics. Now they have to depend on people like turley and promo61 to retain their paychecks.

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Jul-16-13 3:52 PM

I rate a mention in your post. Must be doing something right.

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Jul-16-13 7:14 PM

Well you're not as crazy as turley. You don't call everyone a Nazi or a Communist.

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Jul-17-13 5:31 PM

Looks like somebody thinks you are as crazy as turley.

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Jul-17-13 7:05 PM

We can only hope that progress - in the right direction - will be made on a problem that has been troubling for too many years.

What a gutless editorial. Does this paper actually believe that the Republicans party will miraculously be saved by endorsing immigration 'reform'. The Democrats and Republicans have shown no interest in enforcing existing law. Does anyone seriously believe the passage of new laws will be any different. Tip to Republican candidates: Want to get elected, then start representing the American people. We are watching you.

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Jul-18-13 6:27 AM

Marco Rubio's poll numbers are falling. Could not happen to a bigger political HACK.

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Jul-18-13 5:52 PM

Never confuse the Republican label with being conservative. Progressives love to hang the labels and throw darts but bring little to the table themselves. The game plan is so transparent that even Bill Belichek doesn't need a spy to see through it. Remember to offer your tip to the liberal candidates who get ousted come midterms BM.

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