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Bellaire Park

July 28, 2013

Dear Editor, I am appalled at the suggestion of using our beautiful park for something as horrid as a “gore films fest....

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Jul-28-13 6:38 AM

I personally believe that in in this country and the state of Ohio we have what is called a separation of church and state. it's written in that know..the constitution. For those of you who don't understand that maybe you should take a peek. This is simply a fun event. People will dress up like Halloween and have a bit of fun. similar to Boo in the park. Adults and children alike can enjoy the fun. I['m sure there will be no druggies on acid walking around and people having blood lettings in the corners. I'm sure Mr. Marinelli doesn't like Halloween either and that is fine. Many people who are not atheist still enjoy a little fun now and then with the kids and watch a scary movie. I personally believe that who ever is behind stopping this event has a personal problem and isn't looking at the big picture. A lot of people are looking forward to a fun get together in the park and some are trying to ruin it by staining it. It will not serve the ney sayers good at election time

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Jul-28-13 8:27 AM

In "beautiful" Bellaire, Ohio, EVERY night is a gore festival.

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Jul-29-13 2:21 AM

The author of this letter sounds disturbed.

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Jul-29-13 10:21 PM

Hi Mr. Potts. I was wondering if you have ever heard of a film called 'The Silence of the Lambs'. This 'gore film' was one of the top grossing films (over 270Mil) of 1991. It claimed at least 8 major film awards, including 'Best Film' at the 64th Academy Awards. Pretty good for a 'gore film'.

The reason I bring this up, is because this 'gore film' happens to star (for a few seconds, at least) a well known Bellaire resident. It's the Bellaire Bridge, only months before being closed & left to rot.

Hey, did your children like to watch 'Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood'? They can catch friendly Chef Brockett portraying 'Friendly Psychopath' in the movie as well.

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Jul-30-13 10:50 AM

Hey Labdad, check this out:


Ted Levine, Silence of the Lamb's own Jame Gumb, aka Buffalo Bill, born in Bellaire, Ohio. Just a neat little piece of info.

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Jul-30-13 10:51 AM

sorry, the link didn't transfer. Google Ted Levine and check out the IMDB page.

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Jul-31-13 9:09 AM

Relax everyone, this is just an event that people want to have fun with. The Walking Dead has given a lot of juice to zombie fever. The attention to it will come and go. There are zombie races, zombie corn mazes, etc. It's all for fun and won't likely result in causing children or anyone else to become fascinated by the occult anymore than they would anyway.

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Jul-31-13 8:31 PM

Article said,, Bellaire park, "garden of eden'?Yeah is that why everyone even out of towner bring their dogs to the park, and let them shi-t everywhere and never clean it up?No police to issue tickets? I NEVER walk my dog in the park, i ALWAYS walk him AROUND the park, every night, but ONLY after he dirties in my OWN yard, I see it every night,People that dont live in Bellaire letting their dogs dirty in the park, and just keep right on going.The cheerleader etc practice in the park and im sure more than once they have tramped in dog poop.The reason people from other places come to this park is because they know NO ONE WILL SAY ANYTHING, Its sad. Maybe if a few ARREST were to be made that might slow this down. Guaranteed you cant let your dog dirty in WHG. park, or the park in ST C or Ferry, because you'd be fined.But good ol Bellaire welcomes you to bring your dogs down here to dirty and have no worries about paying a fine.

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Aug-03-13 5:33 PM

Just looking around at the state our nation is can ANYBODY hold dog dung in a river town park as a major issue?

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Aug-07-13 6:37 AM

Doug I am personally offended that you could not take a few minutes out of your day to speak with me when I stopped to ask you a simple question. I disagree with you, simple as that. For you to be rude to me due to a disagreement about an event is just plain silly. You are welcome to your opinion but you should also have the decency to not be rude to someone who you have known for years. I appreciate everything you do for this town, but I feel you need to look past your bias and be able to accept other thought patterns then your own. Tuesday was a sad day for me, I counted you as a friend. I guess that is a done. Have a good life Doug, and it is a shame that something as simple as this has broken a long term relationship. I hope it can be repaired some day. Dan Brown 2013.

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Aug-14-13 8:34 AM

Drama Dan Brown strikes again! And Potts? The last time I remember reading his letters to the editor, he was going on about changing the nickname of St. Clairsville's sports teams from "The Red Devils" because it was Satanic. How entertaining Bellaire politics has become!

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