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More Levies?

October 27, 2013

Dear Editor, I have been reading letters to the editor and everyone is needing more financial help. There are levies on the ballot for schools, libraries, fire departments, etc....

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Oct-27-13 7:22 AM

In the 70's when Ohio and many other States wanted to launch the Lottery, there was much opposition from church and anti-gambling groups. As I recall, it passed on the promise that it would provide ALL of the money we would ever need to operate our schools......since that was the promise, let them KEEP it and live within their means like the rest of us!

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Oct-27-13 3:45 PM

I agree..levies are not the solution. it can't continue like this.

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Oct-28-13 7:29 AM

1. Levies are the only alternative schools have left after cuts and less state revenue. 2. Lottery revenue fact: lottery revenue does not increase school funding because the state deduct the same amount from the general revenue fund that goes to school. State government is a sham. Don't punish the local children.

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Oct-28-13 11:00 AM

The American public school system is as foul, wasteful and unproductive as the government that oversees it.....and that includes the phonies that get 70K a year for a "job" with no weekends, no holidays, no shifts, and three LONG vacations per year!.....home school and private school are the FUTURE of REAL EDUCATION.

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Nov-01-13 10:10 PM

Once again..levies are not the solution..only a band aid that keeps taking away from the property owners. i would rather see a local sales tax than a levy. then at least the 60% of people with children in the schools that do not own property would be paying their fair share.

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Nov-02-13 8:55 AM

a local sales tax to support schools actually taxes those with less income even more. Not a truly viable solution. Public schools were set up to serve the broader public interest, provide quality education TO All, and prepare those attending to acquire skills and knowledge to contribute to society, obtain jobs, pay taxes, and continue to public education cycle.

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Nov-03-13 8:13 AM

Can anyone debate the fact of numbers of students vs. number of schools in this county? Levies stink, but they are school administrators only choice under current law. The county sales tax is 7.25% now, where would it need to be to keep every school district in the black? As we should have learned from the lottery, increasing the tax rate and thereby the state government income stream will not have the intended result. Once you open the door by tying sales tax to school performance look out. It will NEVER stop increasing. The enrollment numbers just don't support the number of school districts at this time. Too much duplication of administrative, operational, and employee costs have not helped. All districts are doing more with less, but perhaps a serious cost-benefit analysis should be done. Alas, this is government, and government does not subscribe to common sense.

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Nov-03-13 8:21 AM

It IS about the students. Each district, as a result of doing more with less, must cut programs in the arts and other areas that leave many students without quality choices. Sports programs always trump the arts because they provide income to the schools. That's understandable, but it shouldn't be acceptable to shortchange our students choices when it comes to their interests and talents. Is it conceivable to think that money used to construct new buildings in three different school districts in recent years could have been better spent on consolidated districts? Each district with new buildings must come back to the voters time and time again for operating levies. Administrators knew they would have to, because getting funding for new construction is just step one. Voting for a levy doesn't necessarily solve the problem, but there is no choice but to hold your nose and vote.

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Nov-04-13 6:32 PM

I agree, levies are not the solution. The longer we continue to fund $50 to $100 thousand dollar per year salaries for part time workers the longer levies will be voted on. John Ney suggested consolidation but the Supt., Past Supt., and teachers have all quoted that it doesn't work. Well of course not if you continue running the larger schools with the same mentality as the smaller ones. Isn't it strange that all of the letters written the vast majority are from existing teachers or retired teachers. Doesn't that make you question why????

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Nov-04-13 8:35 PM

Those who are against the levy be sure to make your vote count. VOTE NO!

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