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November 5, 2013

Dear Editor,    In most mainstream media outlets, newspapers or otherwise, writers will almost always use one of two terms when speaking about the leadership of labor unions: "labor boss" or "union......

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Nov-05-13 9:45 AM

thanks for the outline. You have done a good job describing how a union works.

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Nov-05-13 12:45 PM

Agree with Thoughtful....I am sure it wasnt Bens intent, but he pretty much has written a diagram of the typical union operations and the thugs who run them!!.....

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Nov-05-13 12:59 PM

Looking around the Valley today, you can find many Unions employing our area residents....these include the United Mall Workers of America....The National Brotherhood of Burger Flippers, and the United Alliance of Telemarketers....just to name a few!

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Nov-05-13 2:42 PM

Without unions, you all would be working for " Burger Flipping " wages as Turly speaks of. And before you call me a union homer, I am not affiliated with any union but strongly support them.I moved away from the valley many years ago and have lived in many places, union families have way more than non union going for them. The Republicans want to break the unions so bad they can taste it. They want everyone working for Burger Flipping wages.

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Nov-05-13 7:07 PM

Turley, Do you think that workers are thugs? Workers run the union. Any workplace can be unionized. Your comment about fast food, telemarketing, and retail employees forming their own union is very much a reality. In fact, recently fast food workers have been standing up and demanding union recognition and a living wage as have a number of Wal Mart employees.

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Nov-05-13 10:16 PM

Good election night for Democrats. Extreme rightwingers were defeated in many big races around the country. Glad to see that Virginia didn't elected that crazy Ken Cuccinelli.

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Nov-05-13 11:04 PM

Bens belief that unions are run from "the bottom up" is proof that he is naive....and yes---I have read about Walmart and fast food workers being urged to unionize...welcome to the era of stealing "dues" from a $9per hour chump to give to billionaire democrats....and enjoy that $10 big mac!!!...meanwhile, BCF takes comfort in knowing that the welfare state is being preserved by the party of slavery....its all good as long as he never has to think for himself.

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Nov-06-13 2:20 AM

a $9 per hour chump ....hmm I know a lot of people who work for 9.00 an hour due to lack of good paying jobs or maybe it's on the bus line and it's almost impossible to buy a keep are car on the road with 9.00 an hour pay checks. I'm sure they wouldn't mind paying a couple dollars a day in union dues if their wages were a couple dollars an hr higher and It's nice to know how you feel about people that make 9.00 an hr. They are chumps I suppose? I truly hope they read this. Some feels as though they are above others. lol

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Nov-06-13 12:32 PM can take what I opined any way you like, but ANY man making a $9 per hour wage that allows a union to extract dues from him is a CHUMP....and if he joins a union and his pay is bumped to $10 per hour with the union stealing the "raise" they got for him to give to democrats like sherrod brown or rockefeller....then, YES....that is the very definition of a CHUMP!

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Nov-06-13 2:02 PM

Union dues are minimal compared to the gain you get by standing together against millionaire earning CEO's.

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Nov-06-13 5:18 PM

Turley has his wet diapers all in a wad. His beloved tea party movement is falling apart like a cheap suit.

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Nov-06-13 8:14 PM

I call them as I see them and you made the comment.

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Nov-07-13 1:50 AM

Dems are the party of slavery, but they dont mind. To them, someone always telling them what to do and when to do it is beats thinking for themselves, which only gives them a headache.

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Nov-07-13 2:01 AM

Good to see you back, Oluh....I would rather laugh at your mindless babble than read the pleas from every jerk water village for yet another school levy, or your idiot fellow dems begging for votes in small town mayor elections. Compared to that, even your senseless yammering is acceptable.

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Nov-07-13 2:36 PM

I was a UMWA member many years ago and left one mine to work for another UMWA mine. Employer 1 owed me money after I left and I had to file a grievance to get what was contractually owed to me. The president of the local assured me that I would get paid. Then, Company 1 fired a "worthless" "union brother" and then made a deal with the local to drop my grievance for a "rehire" of the "worthless bum". Deal made, grievance was dropped. When I complained to the head of District 6, I was told that we all need to "stick" together and keep that "union brother" employed. I decided to move on from mining and leave that ilk behind. Well I now have a skill set that is in high demand and I have a very high paying position and I did it all without a "union" "looking out" for my best interests. I do that myself. Oh, and by the way, that worthless bum was fired again about 4 weeks after his rehire. The Union had no

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Nov-07-13 4:58 PM

Looking at the "agrees" vs. the "disagrees" turley is the only "CHUMP" here.

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Nov-07-13 9:03 PM

Who would care how many of these morons "agree" with anything?....and you might want to read the true story of the "union brother" posted by Quiz......

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Nov-08-13 4:34 AM

One approved, one disapproved. So you're sill a "Chump".

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Nov-08-13 4:35 AM

...still a "Chump"

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Nov-08-13 8:28 AM

... The Union had no more bargaining chips to get the bum's job back. Union Solidarity. Yea, right! The union will always do what is right for "The Union" regardless of who gets the short end of the stick - even other "union" brothers.

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Nov-08-13 7:51 PM

October jobs report: 204,000 more jobs in one month than George Bush created in 8 years.

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Nov-09-13 8:10 AM

GOOD....maybe you can finally join the ranks of the employed!

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Nov-09-13 3:36 PM

I am amazed at the dolts that troll on these forums. My original post stated facts that happened to me. i know. i did call the one "union" brother a bum but that is an accurate and truthful statement. And I did use the term ilk to describe the union "leadership". Now I know you ( those that voted disagree) may not like my description of the union and the other employee, but you cannot disagree with FACTS. When you disagree with facts, well you are a dolt!

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Nov-09-13 8:06 PM

Quiz,there are a few dolts that post here. I dont need to name them, as you only need to read comments to know who they are. Read today where Yorkville now stands as yet another large memorial to the eternal blind faith in unions and democrats.....WHERE ARE YOU NOW, SHERROD BROWN?????

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Nov-10-13 6:09 AM

As we approach the anniversary of the JFK murder, he and brother Robert must be shaking their heads in disgust at how easily the communists they had des***** all of their lives took over their once honorable party, and quickly returned it to the party of slavery and poverty.

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