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End Abortion

January 22, 2014

Dear?Editor, Our culture of death tries to make motherhood optional, but the heartache that culture leaves behind exposes the lie....

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Jan-22-14 12:39 PM

Today, on the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we face unprecedented attacks on women's access to reproductive health care. It is more important than ever before to make sure we continue to have the right to safe and legal abortion.

The majority of us agree that women's health care decisions should be left to a woman and her doctor.

- Kelley Robinson, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

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Jan-22-14 5:31 PM

I've seen "...our unique humanness..." at work. And for the life of me don't understand why a bunch of old men with erectile dysfunction make what a woman does with HER body, THEIR business.

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Jan-22-14 6:42 PM

You liberals needs to realize that the 55 million aborted babies were potential Democrat voters.

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Jan-23-14 12:43 PM

The issue goes beyond a woman's right when the baby is viable and a living being.. then it becomes society's responsibility to protect and stand for the rights of both men and women who make up these viable human beings. It also becomes the governments responsibility to protect life, liberty, and freedom of that life.

There are many options to abortion and so many stories that would potentially change people's minds when they see the options play out......

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Jan-23-14 1:41 PM

There is a sure fire way not to get pregnant, thereby eliminating the need for abortion. You don't need a pill, a dime between the thighs works wonders.

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Jan-23-14 9:39 PM

The United States State Department recognizes 194 countries. Of those 194 countries only 3 outlaw abortion for any reason. SO--I think I will pray for an end to the ignorance and stupidity represented in this letter.

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Jan-23-14 9:45 PM

Odd....when welfare moms decide to abort, its "their body and their business",,,,but when they elect to have a baby that they cannot house, cloth or feed, its "our responsibility to share the wealth"....and the very SAME people support BOTH of these polar opposite positions....liberals are hypocrites.

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Jan-23-14 9:48 PM

Oluh always resorts to numerical majority to justify his nonsense. Thats because he can hide in the 53% that elected the idiots we are about to unload!!....he doesnt mention that almost 60% oppose obummercare, though.

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Jan-23-14 10:56 PM

Want to end abortion? Just tell the liberals that the fetus is a death row serial killer.....they will jump to its defense immediately because "the State has no right to take a life".

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Jan-24-14 1:29 PM

Wow Turley! Hammer Nail - Hit it right on the head! Of course, the liberals will have counterpoints, well thought out and pithy. NOT!

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Jan-24-14 5:30 PM

If there ever was utter nonsense it's your "death row fetus" comment.

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Jan-25-14 11:05 AM

You were right too, Quiz!.....

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Jan-27-14 12:27 PM

All of you liberal pro choice advocates. Be glad your mother was PRO LIFE??? You will have to face your maker and all of the aborted children one of these days, hope that they have compassion for the pathetic reasoning you voice now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jan-27-14 5:23 PM

Fedup should change his handle to fullupwithfear. This guy has a problem if he's afraid of what an aborted fetus can do to him after he is dead.

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Feb-02-14 7:55 AM

.....spoken like a true fetus that should have been aborted....hahahaha.

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