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Murray Energy to sue EPA

January 28, 2014

WHEELING -- Murray Energy Corp. Monday announced it would sue the U.S....

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Jan-31-14 8:33 AM

Good thoughts UAMF but go one step further. IF companies came back to the USA today, what obstacles would they face? Increased wages, increased healthcare costs, increased EPA oversight...and, possible attempts at unionization. If you or I were the CEO, what would we do?

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Jan-31-14 12:01 AM

If BCF says climate change is a fact, then it must be true.

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Jan-30-14 9:53 AM

The only ones who believe this is global warming are the CNN watchers and the Al Gore followers. Do some research on the cycle of the world every 100 years and you'll see everything is a cycle.

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Jan-30-14 12:37 AM

Personally..i grew up on the Ohio river. it was horrible. the only fish that could survive in that mess was carp and catfish. On a rare occasion you might catch a gar or some other very strong fish. I still wouldn't eat anything from there but's kind of nice now. I also don't miss all of the coal dust every where and the breathing problems I grew up with. My problem with the USA government and the EPA is this. have cleaner water and air. It's all the textile and manufacturing jobs are no mostly in Asia that is polluted it is sickening almost every where you can imagine. They are selling us the stuff we used to make here and polluting heavily. If the USA set a world standard and refused imports from countries that didn't follow similar rules that we do then the jobs would come back to the USA.Unions didn't cause this. Sure..some got a bit out of hand. The EPA caused this.It's not a level playing field.

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Jan-29-14 6:10 PM

Climate change is a fact. Only Fox "News" viewers and Limbaugh listeners disagree.

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Jan-29-14 8:45 AM

Another group of brainwashed Murray followers. He doesn't care when he puts people out of work or employees get hurt in his mine (believe me he doesn't care), but when someone else does he gets really mad.

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Jan-28-14 10:37 PM

BCF you probably believe in global warming too.

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Jan-28-14 7:14 PM

Suing for the right to pollute? Freedom!

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Jan-28-14 6:26 PM

Bob should save his money. The EPA does not lose lawsuits. Even with his deep pockets in this situation, its just a losing battle. Bob could save all the lawsuit money it will cost him, and pay the workers for the rally they were forced to attend during the Romney run. I got an idea...Maybe we can just get all regulations dropped? That will teach Obama not to mess with us here in the Ohio valley!

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Jan-28-14 3:39 PM

Good for Mr. Murray. The EPA has run roughshod over many companies and it is past time that they are held accountable to the regulations they must enforce and NOT make policy.

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Jan-28-14 1:02 PM

Good! I hope Murray has the best attorneys that money can buy! Our government needs to be held accountable for the agenda they pass.

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Jan-28-14 10:38 AM

Its about time somebody stands up to the EPA. They've been a job killer in this area for years.

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