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February 10, 2014

Dear Editor: Congratulations are in order to the writer of yet another letter in praise of the tea party; he demonstrates perfectly the delusional nature of those who believe the Koch and Co....

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Feb-10-14 11:55 AM

Nixon was impeached? Maybe the author is the one that needs to read up on history?

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Feb-10-14 12:33 PM

The only president to be impeached in the last century was William Jefferson Clinton.

The House Impeaches and the trial is in the Senate (that did not happen). Learn from Mr. Lofton?? Learn what?? How to be a "union" cheerleader?? No Thanks!

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Feb-10-14 12:54 PM

Guess your own version of history is more suitable to your propaganda, eh Morgan???.....looks like you got called out on the lies.....or....were they "mis-speaks"???...LOL....speaking of history, thats where your hijacked party is headed.

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Feb-10-14 1:14 PM

"Tricky Dick" resigned his presidency rather than face the music of his impeachment and conviction. I guess there are some of you who will still defend his illegal actions.

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Feb-10-14 3:05 PM

New Blood made a laughing stock of Congress?? What was thier excuse for being a laughing stock before? Too many members serving 25 or more years is a much bigger problem. Please stop hating the working men and women that become successful because of their hard work. Our great country was founded on the principal of equal oppurtunity.Stop trying to fundamentily transform US into a country of equal outcome.

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Feb-10-14 5:52 PM

Tom's "hijacked party" is headed back to the White House. The reason is there's not enough Archie Bunker types to win a national election. Turley blows wind while the Tea Party Movement tells the Republicans what they can do. The Republicans are truly "hijacked".

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Feb-10-14 6:43 PM

Most comments on these forums are "shoot from the lip" comments that have little basis in fact. People repeat what they are spoon fed from both sides of the political spectrum, and the "amen" section of atta boy posts cheering on the blather. I am also amazed at the number of "disagree" votes on posts that are based on actual facts, but in the mind of "The Walking Dead", facts do not matter.

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Feb-10-14 7:41 PM

Mr. Morgan, Are you against fiscal responsibility? Limiting government intrusion into your life? Be.ieving that government can cure all ills.

I am no Tea Party member either But surely you must see value in these concepts whether you are a D or R. Many D's share these concepts.

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Feb-10-14 9:41 PM

I have to wonder how many of these "fiscal responsibility" conservatives voted for George W. Bush. Where was your single minded focus on fiscal responsibility then?

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Feb-10-14 10:17 PM

It was with the arms makers and the undertakers.

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Feb-11-14 8:57 AM

Voting - When presented with a choice Bush - Gore, one holds their nose and votes Bush (yea me). Bush - Kerry Hold your nose tighter and vote for Bush. I am not happy with Bush's spending or some of his policies, but the result was far better than what we would have gotten with President Gore or President Kerry and it is much better than what we have today. Remember, Senator Obama called President Bush unpatriotic for an 8 BILLION dollar debt. Well what does President Obama say about his DOUBLING of the DEBT is just 5 years under HIS WATCH. Oh yea, blame Bush! See with youtube and camera phones, you liberals cannot run away from what Obama and congress has done to this country. And yes I would throw the bums (RINOS) out of the House of Representatives!

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Feb-11-14 9:36 AM

It's funny how so many who voted for the liar in the White House are now realizing what a mess he and his policies are. Sure, keep blaming Bush for the deficit...keep championing bigger and more intrusive government...keep referring to the Republican party as "Archie Bunker-types" about you do some research and learn some real facts. The title of this letter is the perfect description for its author.

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Feb-11-14 11:59 AM

I challenge Mr. Obama to aggressively, actively, and strongly campaign in each key SenAte race this year. Be visible, Be outspoken, be on TV and radio with each Democratic candidate. Be on billboards, Be at all their public appearances.

All out effort from the President to support his fellow senate candidates. Campaign buttons should have his name next to there's. Please, Please, Mr. Obama be there for these candidates !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Feb-11-14 3:12 PM

ruzgirl: The last sentence in your comment is worth 50 bonus points!!

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Feb-11-14 4:52 PM

Only the low-information Fox "News" viewer and Limbaugh listener believes that the GOP represents "the people."

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Feb-11-14 6:14 PM

Well Edith why don't YOU tell us what the Republicans have done, with some "real research".

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Feb-11-14 6:53 PM

All I know is that any working man that votes for a politician with political ties to big businesses that don't treat their employees well is delusional.

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Feb-12-14 11:09 AM

Again, we strongly challenge Mr. Obama to campaign with all his Senate candidates this year. Walk with them, smile with them, wave at crowds with them, have his face on all their campaign buttons, be next to them on TV ads, and strongly endorse them.

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Feb-12-14 3:37 PM

After what we have all had to put up with for the last 13.5 years Ross Perot and Ron Paul never looked better. Even Ralph Nader would have been better.

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Feb-12-14 10:35 PM

Only the low-information MSNBC viewer and Democratic Underground reader believes that the Radical Democrat party represents "the working people."

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Feb-16-14 12:09 AM

How did the Ohio Valley get so many Timmys writing letters to the editor?

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Feb-16-14 2:18 PM

I urge Mr. Obama to visit all the key Senate race states each week for the next nine months. Be open, Reach out to the candidates, shake their hands, walk with them, Be visible, Be on TV with them. Have full page newspaper ads supporting them. Make personal call to all independent voters and solicit their support. additionally, it should be mandatory for Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, and the new Mayor of New York City to ALL travel to these states and loudly, aggressively, and very clearly vocalize their opinions and ideas.

we must have clear, open, forthright, and seamless communications of how they think and believe... Critical for the electorate to have full disclosure of their beliefs..............Please, Please Please. Make this happen........

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Feb-17-14 1:00 AM

Here ya go Timmy.


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Feb-17-14 5:09 PM

blah blah blah

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Feb-17-14 5:14 PM

political crap

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