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Conservative Values

February 17, 2014

Dear Editor: Did you ever notice when the Republicans--Tea Party people-- state their core believes, they say they believe in traditional values, low taxes, and limited government....

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Feb-17-14 9:55 AM

Mr. Bryant, Tht is your opinion of what they believe. that is no different than me talking about your beliefs. Not useful in a letter. Rather than tearing down a group or opinion, try promoting your agenda, opinion, and beliefs. Mich more useful, productive, and interesting. Then we can have debate about what YOU believe.

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Feb-17-14 10:43 AM

Thanks for nothing Bill.

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Feb-17-14 1:22 PM

There is a hilarious video of a black man asking Anti-Tea Party protestors if they believe that the Tea Part is Racist. Everyone answered 'yes"; however when asked to give an example of said racism, every one of the "smart" people could not give an example. One woman finally blurted out, "I don't know what you want me to say!" Typical mindless liberals. They sure can chant from a script, but they cannot think an original thought!

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Feb-17-14 5:08 PM

blah blah blah

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Feb-17-14 5:13 PM

more political crap

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Feb-17-14 5:37 PM

Conservatives are the ultimate hypocrites. They spew one thing to sell to their low-information base and do the opposite once in office. Remember how the House GOP talked about "jobs?" What a riot. They still have not passed one jobs bill. Yet, Fox "News" viewers and Limbaugh dittoheads keep voting for Republicans. If these people had any critical thinking skills, they'd realize they've been duped.

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Feb-17-14 5:47 PM

spongebob for president

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Feb-17-14 5:53 PM


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Feb-17-14 5:58 PM

the constant bickering is why many people i know don't vote at all

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Feb-17-14 6:11 PM

democrat or republican same turd different butt

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Feb-17-14 8:07 PM

Is this Ben writing under his nom de plume?

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Feb-17-14 8:40 PM

Mr. Bryant,

Please encourage Mr. Obama, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reid, Mr. Waxman, Ms. Warren, and the newly elected Mayor of New York City to visit each state where there is a Senate race this year. Vocalize their positions and opinions clearly, openly, and stand next to each Democrat candidate in speeches, newspapers, and TV. Travel with the candidates daily and communicate views on the issues of today.

Please Mr. Bryant help this group do this for the best of this great nation. Please. Get your message out loudly, clearly, and aggressively.

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Feb-17-14 8:47 PM

Bill, where are you getting YOU tax data? Only 45 to 50 % of Americans pay ANY income tax at all. And the top 5 percent pays almost 50% of that. The lower 50 percent who do not pay? Why not? Are you opposed to a fair tax or a flat tax? Explain your answer.

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Feb-17-14 10:18 PM

The 50% you claim don't pay income tax don't have a high enough income to pay income tax. I would guess that would be a good percentage of retired people. If someone makes the $7.25 an hour minimum wage you think he can afford to pay income tax? Everyone that works pays the SS and Medicare payroll tax. Everyone that makes a purchase pays sales tax. If you oun property you have to pay real estate tax. Even if you rent you are paying real estate tax through your landlord. Funny that the Republicans talk about the 47% that are the takers and the states that vote Republican all receive more tax money then they pay.

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Feb-17-14 10:26 PM

Conservative values "do as we say" not as we do. They beleive in keeping govmnt out of their money. But they want to control what goes on in your bedroom, what a women does with her body, don't beleive a worker should have any rights, they think only white males with money should have the right to vote, on on and on.

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Feb-18-14 1:25 AM

Ohio Dem, I pay taxes on my SSI, in addition to all the other taxes. As far as being in the bedroom, not one person ever said they wanted to be in there, but when you want me to pay for your contraception you have invited me in. A fellow Ohio Dem.

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Feb-18-14 7:20 AM

Traditional Values

No, no one should be allowed into your bedroom but the public should not have to finance your lifestyle. The current admin has tried to sell young people on ObamaCare by promoting birth control as tool to live a promiscuous lifestyle, not a responsible one. A quote from an Obamacare ad:

"OMG, he's hot! Let's hope he's as easy to get as this birth control. My health insurance covers the pill, which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers. I got insurance.

I have a real problem subsidizing this.....

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Feb-18-14 7:28 AM

Low Taxes

One crucial ingredient of a liberal agenda is that someone always has to be the victim. I have never seen demonization of success like this. Its as if people are supposed to feel bad for making something of themselves. How dare you be better than me. It's not fair!

Case in point, a school in Maryland recently was in the crosshairs for having the audacity to reward their straight A students with a pizza party and media were waiting outside to interview the kids to make them feel bad about it. What kind of message does that send? The current admin does not want us to look up to success, they want us to feel as if we've somehow been wronged. Remember the victim comment? As far as jobs, the President could use his pen and phone to OK the Keystone pipeline but, hey, wouldn't want to offend our leftist environmentalist voters would we? Oh well, at least they'll be out there doing the human chain thing and pounding drums and not looking for work.

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Feb-18-14 8:44 AM

Ohiodem, you cannot lump an entire group into the corral by stating they want to control "the bedroom, women's bodies etc. That is like me saying Democrats and Liberals want a communistic system because a few Democrats espouse communism. I know many Democrats that are fine, descent, thinking people that do not wholeheartedly agree with "the party line". What you do with your life in the bedroom, at work, at play is your business and choice, so long as those choices do not impede another's freedoms and liberties. The unborn child is another issue that I believe I should not prevent a woman from choosing to terminate, but should encourage a woman to explore alternatives. To flush a viable fetus down the commode of history cheapens our humanity and further degrades human society by ignoring the value of life. This is a difficult issue and those that choose to terminate live with that choice until they die.

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Feb-18-14 9:00 AM

Nontraditional Values + High Taxes + Unlimited Government = ___________.

(Fill in the blank)

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Feb-18-14 9:41 AM

= King Obama the First of His Name

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Feb-18-14 1:14 PM

Great comments by JoeSchmo and Blue Inc....and Quiz, as always. Same mindless robotic comments from the same obama pull-string puppets too, including the author of the letter......does oluh want to "count" the likes and dislikes on this one?.....I didnt think so... but I shouldnt tempt him.....after all, what else has he to do between welfare checks?

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Feb-18-14 1:19 PM

With this being a midterm election year, you will see in the months to come the growing divide in the Dem party. The split is between REAL Democrats (who deserve respect) that want to wrestle their party back from the hands of the marxists and tyrants that hijacked it in 2008, and what is now known as the "obamite", those who will forever keep the St.barack statue on their dashboards despite years of being lied to, spied upon, and cheated. If you belong to this party, which are you?....the REAL Democrat, or the robotic masochist obamite?

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Feb-26-14 10:03 AM

Bill is obviously a product of government education.

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Feb-28-14 9:06 PM

The real Cicero was beheaded by Mark Antony's soldiers in 43 BC. I bet you are glad to be a fake Cicero.

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