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March 25, 2014

Dear Editor Unions are needed. Its time the American worker wakes up and embraces the right and need of worker unions....

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Mar-29-14 10:50 AM

Coal miner or steelworker supporting obama=jew supporting Hitler.

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Mar-27-14 7:42 AM

Coal miner is called into the mine foreman's office for missing work. He is asked why he only works 3 day's a week. His answer: "Because I can't make it on 2."

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Mar-26-14 8:40 PM

Mr. George Soros. A giant contributor to extreme left causes. Let us discuss him and his fortunes and how he made his money.............................

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Mar-26-14 6:28 PM

BCF, Kudos on the figures of money donated by unions but I must point out that the Koch Brothers Koch industries directly gave just 5 Million in the 2012 according to Open Secrest****. Now if you consider all of their foundations they raised 407 Million dollars. Not all of that went to politicians but did go to conservative groups, think tanks etc and yes I agree that money did get into politics through their foundations and think tanks. If you demonize the Koch brothers, then you must also demonize all who take advantage of the laws to express their political beliefs. One thing you failed to disclose, according to Open secrets****, the union political money, 91% went to democrats. That would be a more accurate description of money spent.

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Mar-26-14 2:21 PM

Worked for many years at a union free operation...both workforce and management....Our philosophy was very simple..if a Company ends up being unionized....they probably deserve it. Your unions caused the demise of this Valley and this area will be stuck with no jobs or low paying jobs until the workforce learns how to cooperate...

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Mar-26-14 2:07 PM

Some employer's are good and union's do not need to be formed, but in many situation's the employee is taken advantage of and a union would help tremendously.

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Mar-26-14 2:54 AM

Turley: explain to us why Robert Reich is a failure.

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Mar-25-14 8:00 PM

I debated robert reich yesterday---and I won....but then again he is a proven failure, so no glory in it for me!

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Mar-25-14 7:06 PM

I debated a Koch-apologist yesterday who claimed America's unions funneled more into politics than the Koch brothers. Baloney. Union money at least comes from large numbers of workers seeking higher pay and better working conditions; Koch money comes from two brothers seeking to entrench their power and privilege. And it's clear the Koch brothers are spending way more. In 2012, union spending (PAC, individual, outside) totaled less than $153.5 million, while Koch spending totaled $412.6 million. - Robert Reich

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Mar-25-14 6:55 PM

wilford, For heavens sake, please Articulate your point more clearly, I have no clue of what you describe.

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Mar-25-14 6:10 PM

I also would like to thank Mr. turley for keeping his droppings in a small pile.

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Mar-25-14 5:37 PM

It's no wonder the right to work states are getting all of the good jobs.

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Mar-25-14 3:38 PM

I respectfully disagree but appreciate the brevity.

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Mar-25-14 11:30 AM

Are we sure that this isnt just old "Cut and Paste" Lofton writing under another name?, it cant be Lofton because even though the 1950's rhetoric is there, its far too brief and to the point! Windbag Lofton writes volumes in his rants!

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Mar-25-14 10:30 AM

Amen, bro!

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Mar-25-14 10:30 AM

I have to agree with Mr. Simeral about unions. If a company in this day is stupid enough to treat their people like chattel and krap all over them, then that company deserves to be unionized. That said, the majority of companies that I deal with are more attuned to their employees needs and have developed an inter-dependent culture. Those companies are more open in their communications with all employees and the employees know they are a valued asset to the bottom line of the company. When an issue arises, the employees communicate with the management directly and get issues resolved, unlike in a union shop, a third party is introduced into that process. The worker relinquishes all of their "rights" to the union that holds the unions interests above all other parties involved. If it is in the interest of the union to side with the worker, they will, if not too bad so sad for the worker.

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