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Protesters want Flanagan gone

May 10, 2014

BELLAIRE — Protesters lined up across from Bellaire Police Dept. on Friday afternoon to ask for the resignation of Lieutenant Dick Flanagan....

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May-12-14 11:13 PM

We'll never know what set Flanagan off...maybe the wind blew, maybe a car drove by playing a song he hated...people like him don't need a reason to be a-holes. And to say that the town needs more like Flanagan...maybe you should move to Chicago where everyone is corrupt. Sounds like your kind of place...people with UncommonSense are the very reason why others get fed up and stand for what's right...Flanagan's actions most certainly warrant dismissal from his position. So targeting people for no*****reason makes sense?? Wow....

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May-10-14 7:13 PM

I don't care how many scumbags and doooche bags the police have to deal with, they need to be held to a standard that is higher than the average citizen Joe. That comes with the job.

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May-10-14 6:40 PM

I posted the video. I was an eyewitness to the event. A special needs woman called the police after a domestic dispute with some neighborhood women. She did nothing to warrant such an outburst from Flanagan. Her copanion, who Flanagan can also be heard speaking to, is stricken with MS, and would sit for hours on that porch and not say much of anything to anybody. These people did absolutely nothing to provoke the behavior heard.You can believe it or not. I don't care.

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May-10-14 5:31 PM

So who are these people that are protesting? Bellaire residents, or internet whackos who showed up to stir crap in a town they've never set foot in before and don't have a vested interest in? What happened before that video was shot? What set Lt. Flanagan off? Who were these people he was dealing with and what's their story and possible past history and dealings with the PD?

Did Flanagan use foul language? Yes. Should he have done a better job of controlling his temper? Yes. Is that video alone grounds for strong discipline or termination? Most likely not.

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May-10-14 4:33 PM

AT SHEMP AND UNCOMMON.. YOU TWO IDIOTS MUST BE ON DRUGS..You have NO CLUE whats going on..Flannagan is suppose to be professional, not some kind of a THUG...

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May-10-14 2:25 PM

In a town FULL of criminals and drug dealers, they in fact need MORE like Flanagan!!!!!

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May-10-14 12:33 PM

What about the numerous other accounts of residents being harassed and bullied by Flanagan?? People being wrongfully arrested, targeted because of the color of their skin, being told by Flanagan himself that he could make them disappear and no one would care, he could are up a reason to arrest them?? To Protect And Serve?? Yeah, right. And just because someone's income status is lower than yours, Shemp, doesn't make them lower than you. Remember: citizens' tax dollars pay his salary, so he works for them.

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May-10-14 10:06 AM

When Will People Tire of the Perpetually Offended?

. . . and by the way, take off those dumb masks and show your face.

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