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Business offering PC assistance

February 17, 2010
Times Leader
By MIKE HUGHES, Prime Times
ST. CLAIRSVILLE — Computers may be user friendly, but they aren’t for everyone.
Many members of our older generation are either hesitant to dive right in or even use a computer at all.
For someone who’s grown up without having to use a computer, it can be a daunting task to sit down at a desk and send of an email, create a document or even surf the internet.
That’s where Erin and Greg Malik are hoping to come in.
The Malik’s, who own Erin’s Studio of Piano on U.S. 40 west of St. Clairsville are adding a new business to their location.
The Computer Tutor is offering private, one-on-one individual computer training to adults of any age who want to get initiated, or even just improve their computer skills.
“Frustration or intimidation is common for those who are unfamiliar with how to make everything work on a computer, especially older adults.  It is our goal to slowly and patiently provide individual hands-on lessons for adults who want to gain skills in using their home computers,” Greg Malik said.
“We will sit down with folks and teach them how to manipulate through the computer until they feel confident in their abilities in a patient and relaxed environment.  We feel that this service is needed, as we see so many adults who are uncomfortable or intimidated by the computer, especially in our parents’ generation.
Erin explained that both she and Greg have performed this service for friends and families for years.
But the idea to open a business specifically catering to these particular needs came about through Erin’s work at the Piano store.
‘‘We’d have parents and grandparents come in with their children for piano lessons and see someone working on the computer while they were waiting and remark how they wish they could use computers,’’ Erin said.
Some of the tutoring that will be available will be lessons on how to use the Internet, send and receive emails, attach or save photographs, use Ebay, download music and the use of programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.
Erin said she can understand the hesitation that some older adults may feel, especially if they’ve never used a computer before.
As with any new technology, it can be a little intimidating for someone with no prior experience to pick up. After all, there is likely a whole generation of households that went throughout the day with a flashing “12:00” displayed on their VCRs.
But with a little work, the Malik’s believe people will come to realize the benefit of computers and the assistance they can provide with everyday tasks.
‘‘Confident use of a computer will enrich lives,’’ Greg said. ‘‘Learning how to view or attach pictures of grandchildren in an email, use of social sites such as Facebook, shopping online and even doing online banking services are just a small example of the many activities one can learn to do on a computer.’’
The Computer Tutor will also offer follow-ups and “How-To” sheets for customers to use in their home as refreshers after their lessons.
They will also provide in-home set up of computer equipment, including wireless routers for use with laptops, as well as the hooking up of printers, scanners and other devices.
Designing, building and maintaining of professional websites is also a service that will be offered.
Individual, private tutoring sessions are offered on-site during both daytime and evening hours and also on week-ends.
The Computer Tutor can be reached by calling (740) 695-KEYS (5397).
Hughes may be reached at

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THE?OLDER?generations, learning how to use a computer can be a daunting task. The Computer Tutor hopes to help its customers ease into the digital age.



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