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How the heck do you DO that?

Make an Awesome Sand Castle

June 4, 2010

Oh, the beach.

Is there anything more enjoyable than relaxing on a sunny beach with your family?

You don't really have to answer that.

But at least admit that it is one of the most pleasant of summer activities.

When you're done tossing the beach ball and surfing the waves what else is left to do?

Why not make an elaborate sand castle? This beach tradition is sure to be fun for children and adults alike. You could even make it an entire family effort. These easy steps from com will get you a "beach house" of your own in no time!

To begin, you'll new a few basic items that can be found at many area stores, however most items you probably have:

* Sand Castle Carving Tools

* Shovels

* Sunscreen

* Internet Access

* Paper and Pencils

* String

* Various-size Buckets

Step 1 - Plan

Draw a rough sketch of the castle you'd like to build. Surf the internet for ideas. You'd be surprised about what you could find!

Step 2 - Choose site

Choose a square site near the water, but not so close that waves will destroy your castle as the tide comes up. Make sure the square is large enough for your castle plans.

Step 3 - Dig

Dig a hole down to the water table, where the sand is dark and moist, or bring up large buckets of water from the ocean or lake.

Step 4 - Scoop

Scoop wet sand onto the center of the area in which you'll be working.

Step 5 - Keep sand wet

Work fast so the sand stays wet.

Step 6 - Build

Build towers by forming and stacking sand patties about the size and shape of thick pancakes. Place larger patties on the bottom, and gently shake the patties from side to side as you pile them so that the sand settles. Seal your towers by gently pouring water over them. Build walls to connect the towers of your castle by jiggling - gently shaking from side to side - wet sand into brick shapes and laying them on top of each other.

Step 7 - Carve

Carve the towers and the walls into shapes using tools such as a small trowel, a putty knife or plastic utensils.

Step 8 - Protect

Dig a moat around the castle to protect it from invaders, such as breaking waves and dogs.

Now it's time to enjoy the amazing structure you have created. Don't forget to get a snap shot so you can brag about your mad skills.

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