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Going green in the snow

January 7, 2011

GREEN IS in ... even when the landscape is covered in white. If you're planning an outdoor excursion this winter, you might want to first make sure you have some elemental green gear that will help you survive the chilly wilds or a day spent on the slopes frollicking in the snow.


Greening your winter clothes means going natural and organic wherever possible. It also means trying to find clothing with a low carbon footprint. To make the smallest impact with your clothing, be sure to go for quality recycled and organic gear that will last you for years.

Are you planning a winter ski but still lacking the gear? Time to get some green ski and snowboard gear and turn your trip to the mountain into an eco vacation. Whether you're investing in a snowboard boot made from renewable, biodegradable fiber, a recycled rubber snowboard boot, or a sustainable Abamboo snowboard, everything you need to make your favorite snow sport eco-friendly is available in today's market. There are even winter ski jackets and pants made from recycled materials available.

But you may want to prepare for the cold outdoor temperatures with a good base layer, choosing technical materials that will keep moisture away from your skin. The experts suggest that you do not wear cotton underwear, which will make you feel cold and clammy. Several companies now create performance underwear for both men and women that uses activated charcoal to wick moisture away from the skin's surface, controls odors and offers UV protection.

Some of those companies get their charcoal from bamboo, while other use coconut husks. This technology has a much lower environmental impact than previous treatments, and according to the companies, will make for long underwear that keeps it's special properties longer.

Make sure that both the bottoms and tops fit fairly close to your body; they shouldn't be skin-tight, but you want a slim cut.


A few pairs of high quality socks are a must for staying warm. Experts say organic wool is a great option because it serves as ab insulator and can hold one third its weight in water before feeling moist. People who have allergies to wool and animal fibers may want to try options like organic cotton. These socks can range in price from $5 to $18, some even reaching the $30 mark but the styles are functional and basic.


If your socks are going to work well at all they have to stay dry, and that means a great pair of winter boots, such as the The North Face Men's Four Shadows GTX boots or The North Face Women's Storm Peak Boot II These boots have high quality insulation made from 30% post consumer recycled fibers and a whole lot of features that keep your feet toasty.

When shooping for green gear you may want to check out Pristine Planet. It is a green comparison shopping engine for eco savvy consumers. Socially responsible merchants list their products from all over the world on Pristine Planet. This allows the consumer to shop the best green merchants and products in the convenience of one website. Pristine Planet has been helping eco shoppers save time and money since 2004.

It is the hope of Pristine Planet to assist consumers in the new economy to be deeply rooted in green and socially responsible commerce. By supporting the merchants on Pristine Planet each consumer is making that hope a reality.

The revenue generated from each purchase goes directly to green businesses, which in turn is reinvested into organic agriculture, fair trade, and sustainable business practices, all of which benefit the planet and the economy. Rewarding environmentally and socially responsible companies should be as easy as possible, for that is truly the only way that consumers can send a positive message to industry that cannot be ignored.


Because sunlight in winter is often weak or non-existent, a flashlight is necessary. And an especially green option is a wind-up version. There are a lot of these emergency flashlights on the market, and the experts normally recommend one that is not only wind-up but also uses LED bulbs. A cool option that is both hand-crank and solar powered for those moments when the sun is out would also be a wise purchase. Some models can also charge up your cell phone for emergency calls if you get snowed in somewhere.



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