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How the heck do you DO that?

Preserving Summer Memories

July 1, 2011
By EMILY DOMINICI - The Scene , Times Leader

Summertime rules!

With three months of festive family gatherings, barbecues, vacations, or simply hot and lazy afternoons lounging by the pool, some wonderful memories are sure to be created.

With all the photos and momentos collected throughout the summer, it would be a great family project to make a keepsake that could be displayed year round to remind you of the fun and excitement.

Here are a couple creative ideas from that would be a great way to showcase those pleasant summer memories:

Summer Scrapbook

step 1 - Take Pictures

Take plenty of pictures throughout the summer. Make sure to snap plenty from big events such as going to the beach or to the zoo. Also take pictures from everyday activities like going to the pool or a local street fair.

step 2 - Organize

Keep the pictures in separate envelopes with the date of each acivity listed so that when you go to make the scrapbook, you'll know when each activity happened and your pages will be in order.

step 3 - Gather Supplies

Visit craft stores throughout the summer looking for scrapbook supplies to complement the pictures you took. Get themed and colored paper, stickers, ribbons, and any other decorations that you think you'll need.

step 4 - Collect Momentos

Remember to keep small souvenirs and momentos from different activities that could fit in the scrapbook. For example, keep ticket stubs from the zoo or aquarium, a brochure from a hotel where you stayed , or post cards you picked up at the park gift shop. If you go to the beach, keep your eyes peeled for small sea shells that could be glued to the pages. Add these momentos to the corresponding envelopes.

step 5 - Assemble

At the end of the summer, gather the family and create the scrapbook as a group. Layout the contents of each page before you glue anything so you'll be sure that it is perfect. Also, be sure to include dates and names of family members and places. You could also have family members write short memories to include. Try to keep each page themed around the activity that it displays.

Summer Memories jar

step 1 - Find Container

Find or purchase a large, clear jar or vase with a fairly wide mouth. Make sure it is something you want to display in your home.

step 2 - Explain

Explain to your children that the jar is a place for them to preserve their special summer memories.

step 3 - Find Momentos

Help your children find and save momentos that will fit in the jar. Ideal items would be small objects such as feathers, rocks, shells, small carnival prizes, ticket stubs, small souviners and post cards.

step 4 - Challenge

Challenge the children to find something for the jar each time they go somewhere or do something special over the summer. Watch the jar fill up as the summer reaches its end.

step 5 - Arrange Objects

Rearrange items in the jar as needed to allow for more space or to better display the items in it.

step 6 - Label

Place a small date label on the bottom of the jar where it can't be seen so that you will always be able to associate the jar with the correct year.

step 6 - Display

Find the perfect spot in your home to display the jar so that it can be part of your family's life all year.

With these fun, family projects, your summer memories will live forever. Grab your camera an get started!



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