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Fall Fashion Frenzy

October 22, 2011
By KIM LOCCISANO - Staff Writer ( , Times Leader

Fall fashion trends for 2011 clothing and accessories invite today's women to craft a decidedly individual style. Styles founded on elements tied to ancient cultures, as well as the works of designers whose strong influences are cornerstone blocks, raise the trends for this decade's legacy looks.

The essential elements for successful and uniquely individualized looks for Fall 2011 are well within the financial and wear-ability reach of any woman inclined to connect to a roster of fashion mix ingredients, starting with familiar items such as faux furs, solid metals, hammered metals, leathers and knits and are often intensified by unexpectedly bejeweled items brought together in bold combinations.

Designers with a firm appreciation for the consumer need to make the most of every fashion purchase, and they are aiding their clientele by encouraging them to add their individual flair to almost any ensemble.

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Devyn Strain of St. Clairsville models a statement-making headband.

A very real sense of eclectic fashion freedoms first seen in recent history in the decades of the 60s, 70s, and even the early 1980s, are being seen nationwide.

Emerging with these elements as foundations for personal style statements, these trends are now readily seen everywhere from the classroom, to the workplace-whether being sported as the consummate corporate style or by those making their mark in the more informal surroundings of today's growing demographic of small business operators and entrepreneurs.

The bottom line: it's time to have some very real and affordable fun while intensifying your personal sense of fashion fun for the fall season.

The basis for any well-working wardrobe remains: go for some great basics and build on them.

The vast array of choices you can use to bring life to your individual look can be built on ingredients-whether few or many-pulled from elements among the following selection of today's essentials: statement-making tall boots, dramatic shoe designs infusing unexpected fun into the everyday look as well as in the workplace, sensational faux fur vests, traditional ponchos, long sweater vests and coats, metal jewelry of all different types and finishes, dramatic jewelry groupings such as a collection of bangle and drape bracelets, belts, earrings, dynamic pins, scarves, leather or knit gloves, hair ornaments featuring feathers or beaded accents and a perfect purse for the finishing touch.

There are few absolutes or hard and fast boundaries that confine what accessories can be employed in pulling together an individualized fashion-savvy wardrobe. However, paying attention to combinations of coordinating and contrasting pieces can really help make your efforts to establish a very personalized, unique fashion look a goal you can comfortably and confidently reach.

It's a great time to extend your personal style comfort zone, according to industry experts who make decisions about inventory to purchase and offer their clients, regardless where they are located or how consumer-friendly their price point range.

One of the best ways to begin the process of creating your personal style is to search for a dramatic fur or faux fur vest and a dramatic, tall boot to serve as a visual balancing partner. Make sure the fashion picture you are crafting is going to be complete from head to toe. This is a shopping and design strategy strongly supported and practiced by local boutique owner Mel Bromelow of Mel's Imagination, a popular women's specialty shop in downtown St. Clairsville.

Bromelow agrees with the idea of considering footwear an essential structural component of the fall fashion trends for 2011.

When it comes to adding a dramatic fur or faux fur vest, poncho or cape-style coat to your wardrobe this fall season, there is virtually no need to worry about not being able to find the perfect one for you, as new selections are just now arriving in stores of all sizes, allowing shoppers to get in on the trend at the perfect time-as temperatures drop and plans to include wraps of one kind or another are increasingly part of the regular daily clothing choices.

Jeans, in a wide array of fashion colors and seasonal fabrics, such as corduroy, continue to be an important part of any current wardrobe.

"The accessories available to shoppers this fall make it easy to accessorize a look whether it begins with jeans and boots or centers on a classic black dress. The possibilities are limitless and fun to experiment with as you find ways to make every outfit your own simply by introducing options," offered Bromelow.

If the drama of bejeweled shoes, a color-coordinated cache of bracelets, a long, knit vest worn with a coordinating or contrasting metal accent belt and a fabulously rich-looking faux fur and leather purse aren't something you are comfortable bringing together on your own, turn to a trusted expert to help launch your seasonal fashion statement.

The staying power of certain looks are increasingly being acknowledged by experts as solid additions to the emerging styles historians will look back on as having started with the strong creations seen at the start of the decade with the designs and trends unveiled in 2010.

This hint at the staying power of fashion trend essentials can go a long way when it comes to deciding how much to invest when considering the purchase of a well-made classic pair of riding boots, a really great quality faux fur vest, an absolutely perfect leather purse or a beautiful bangle bracelet.



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