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Taste Buds: Jump Asian Chinese Buffet:

Speedy lunch at new buffet fits Buds’ busy schedule

November 11, 2011
By EMILY DOMINICI and SHAUNNA DUNDER - The Taste Buds , Times Leader

The Buds have been busy gals of late.

Bud Shaunna has been working overtime in making final preparations for her wedding this weekend and Bud Em has been chauffering an active teen as well as trying hard to get ready for the approaching holidays.

On a busy Friday afternoon recently, they were looking to grab a quick lunch so they could carry on with their innumerable chores. Having noticed a recent advertisement for a newly opened Chinese buffet, they decided to give it a whirl.

The Jump Asian Chinese Buffet is located at the corner of Bethany Pike and Warden Run Road in Wheeling. Not only is it in the same building as That's Italian Specialty Foods, it is actually run by the same people, as is The Big Dipper ice cream shop.

The Jump Asian buffet offers patrons all-you-can-eat daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for $5.99. Upon entering, the Buds found themselves in a casual atmosphere that offered seven different Chinese cuisine favorites as well as a lo mein, both fried and steamed rice, two types of egg rolls and two desserts. A beverage cooler was loaded with a variety of 20 ounce bottles of soda for patrons to choose from. Once they selected a drink and a table, the hungry Buds were ready to get down to business.

Entrees included Thai chili chicken, General Tso's chicken, pepper steak, sweet and sour pork, Thai garlic ribs, veggie stir fry and shrimp stir fry. Bud Em opted to sample the General's chicken, some pepper steak, and the shrimp stir fry. On the side she added a bit of white rice as well as a couple egg rolls.

Bud Em found her selections to be quite tasty. The General Tso's was sweet and spicy, and the pepper steak and stir fry were both loaded with tons of colorful peppers and onions. Her favorite part of the meal, however, had to be the southwest egg roll. Yummy! Loaded with cheeses, black beans and a little kick, they were a pleasant surprise.

Bud Shaunna tried the Thai chili chicken, the sweet and sour pork, the lo mein, and some white rice and egg rolls on the side. The Thai chili chicken was so good it merited a second helping. The lo mein was different than the typical brown-sauced lo meins Bud Shaunna is used to eating. This one was in a spicy red sauce, and it had a big kick. Bud Shaunna's lips were tingling, but it was so tasty!

If the Buds' bellies hadn't been so full, they would have perhaps opted to get a dip of delicious Kirke's ice cream from the adjoining Big Dipper. They may have even hopped over to That's Italian which has tons of delicious specialty foods including every variety of noodle, olive, sauce, deli meat, cheese and ... wait for it ... Breadworks breads. The Buds LOVE Breadworks bread!

After struggling with temptation, the Buds decided to make a return trip for the bread. After all, Bud Shaunna has a wedding gown to fit into!

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