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Charlie Wilson

December 17, 2011
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

I'm writing this as a rebuttal to a previous opinion article composed by a Bridgeport resident.

Ever since Mr. Wilson announced his candidacy I've been waiting to see someone happy for him to return. Luckily, to this point most of the feedback I have seen has been extremely negative.

Before his landslide defeat in the '10 election, Mr. Wilson could've cared less what the people thought. He either voted what "He" thought was best, or what the dictator in the White House told him to. Over the past few days since I learned of this announcement, I took the time to go back and research his insubordination.

He started by voting for the failed stimulus bill that wasted nearly a trillion dollars. He followed up by totally ignoring his constituents and voting for Obamacare. He had several opportunities to hear from his constituents, but canceled or backed out of every chance. Why is that? It's because he didn't care what they had to say. How could he ignore the constant protests outside of his Bridgeport office? His only mode of speaking to the voters that he would agree to was over the phone. Very wiley of him to do so. I've listened in on one of these before. It's nearly impossible to get a question in. He knew that would be the case.

Mr. Wilson was a part of the problem we have with Washington itself. There is a total disconnect. We are supposed to have a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Let's not also forget the fact that Mr. Wilson is an unstable individual. Just ask his ex-wife. Most people don't know because there has been a complete media blackout on the fact. However, you can view the exact deposition from his divorce proceedings online. I strongly recommend you do!

Furthermore, as I read through the disconnected logic of that letter I came across, saying once again that anyone who disagrees with the President is a racist. Can we grow up already? Please? Let's look at our history books. The party of slavery and racism was, is, and will always be the Democratic party. I always found it amusing on my Tea Party page when liberal Democrats would come on there and jump at the opportunity to call Herman Cain the N-word or an "Uncle Tom". So let's drop that argument already. No one cares what color he is. Okay?!?!

Again, the writer was misinformed or ignorant when stating that the Republicans "won't" pass a jobs bill.

There have been no less than 25 such jobs bills passed in the House by Republicans. What happened to these jobs bills you ask? D.O.A in the Senate. Killed by the Democrats. So, please check your facts before stating inaccuracies.

Charles Ross




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