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‘Past and Future’

January 4, 2012
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

...on the campaign trail -- Monday, Oct. 13, 2008, the front page news of the local newspaper was, "Palin urges clean coal technology" by Michael Schuler, Times Leader Staff Writer.

Sarah Palin told the crowd at Brush Run Park in St. Clairsville, "there is more coal in this great country than there is oil in Saudi Arabia." So why aren't we using it? We need to use it."

Even back then, it was clear that Barack Obama was going to bankrupt the coal industry, the voters nevertheless sent him to the White House.

...On Friday, April 3, 2009, the local newspaper opinion "Bright Future" - stated that April Fool's Day 2009, will always have a fond place in the hearts of Belmont countians.

It will go down as a new lease on life for what many had feared as the death of the R.E. Burger Plant in Shadyside.

Back then - it was former Gov. Ted Strickland tossing a switch grass carrot stick at the Burger Plant and now the present taxpayers are on the short end of the stick.

Once again, taxpayers were tricked into paying for tax credits that was a legislative gimmick added in the State Transportation Bill, if power companies would switch over to renewable energy sources.

...On Friday, Dec. 23, 2011, the local newspaper opinion "Watch your Wallet", stated in this economic environment, now is not the time for the Obama Administration and EPA to expedite a shutdown of the Ohio Valley's already sputtering economy.

"In a nut shell," Obama's EPA has taken place of "cap and trade" their most popular remedy for slowing so-called "global warming" with EPA on auto pilot - jobs are going -- going -- gone!

Robert Johnson

St. Clairsville



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