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Taste Buds: Yorkville bakery

Buds impressed with local pastry shop

March 1, 2012

Get there early.

That is the best advice we can offer in regards to the Yorkville Bakery.

Following a reader's suggestion, the Buds decided to stick to the subject of bakeries and visit the popular establishment which re-opened last year under new ownership.

And boy are we glad we did!

The Yorkville Bakery, located just off of the Public Rd. exit, makes a wide variety of fresh breads, pepperoni rolls and pastries every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The hungry Buds popped in last Friday to see just what they had been missing.

Upon entering the bakery, the Buds were greeted by the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked goods and a warm and cozy atmosphere. A quick glance at the price list revealed that all items were extremely reasonably priced. Yay! Realizing that many items had already sold out, they jumped in line to snatch up their goodies.

The bread list at the bakery includes Italian, rye, seven grain, focaccia, anchovy, apple crisp, raspberry, cinnamon and sweet bread. The Buds were intrigued by the raspberry bread, which resembled a thick pizza crust with a raspberry topping and tons of chopped nuts. It looked delicious!

Pastries at the bakery include all the favorites: glazed donuts, nut rolls, turnovers, smear faces, sticky buns, cream puffs, bear claws, turnovers, danishes, cinnamon rolls and more, many at just $1! That price is hard to beat.

But, trying to be at least a little bit good, the Buds picked up loaves of rye and seven grain bread to take with them. These came in quite handy when they got back to the office to complement their lunches of salad and soup. Bud Em's pumpernickel rye was soft and delicious.The texture was perfect - not too heavy, not too light. And at just $2.50, it was a terrific bargain, as she has previously purchased the same type of loaf for nearly six dollars.

Bud Shaunna's seven grain bread was deliciously light with a hint of sweetness. It made extremely tasty garlic bread, peanut butter sandwiches and jelly toast-and it's great the plain way too! Not to mention the friendly gentleman behind the counter who offered to slice our bread loaves for us, $2.50 was almost a steal!

Bud Em, whose teenaged daughter LOVES pepperoni rolls, picked up a few of those to take home. Made with their Italian bread dough and loaded with pepperoni, they were a huge hit. At the price of $1.50 each, Bud Em will definitely be making more trips to the bakery to stock up on pep rolls!

When they reached the pastry case, the Buds' willpower dissolved and each picked up a treat for later. Bud Em snagged a chocolate cream puff. The baked delight was quite large. The pastry perfect and the chocolate filling was a pleasant change from the usual. This was surely one of the best dollars Bud Em ever spent!

Bud Shaunna chose a gigantic cinnamon roll. It was only $1 for a homemade cinnamon roll the size of her face! This was a perfect size for sharing, and Bud Shaunna and her hubby enjoyed every bite (even if Bud Hubby's half was slightly larger). Cinnabon had nothing on this roll-it tasted like a fresh donut with light, sweet icing. At a single buck, this is something Bud Shaunna wished she'd bought in multiples!

If you are looking for delicious, freshly baked breads and pastries, you must visit the Yorkville Bakery. Be sure to bring cash and get there early - you will not be disappointed!

The Buds may be reached at tastebuds@



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