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May 10, 2012
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

A friend asked me yesterday why I hadn't been writing lately to our local paper? I smiled and stated there hasn't been anything really important to write about. Any writer has to be inspired and motivated. Any emotion can spark a sentimental trip to yesteryear and today that emotion was triggered by the death of George Lindsey, our old buddy "Goober" on the Andy Griffith show.

Many young people who never had the luxury of growing up in the 1960s, will question, why we will miss "Goober" and yet there are those who admire his dimwitted personality. "Goobers" genuine simple outlook on all things around him made him special. How nice it would be today if everyone was as polite and understanding as "Goobers" character on the show. An ace mechanic who could repair most anything in his day. He was portrayed as a small town pleasant gas station attendant who seemed to be constantly happy-go-lucky and always content in his environment. Mr. Lindsey was 83 and passed away in Nashville, Tennessee this week.

As I sat in line today at our local gas station to buy fuel for my gas guzzling truck, I was amused by the other patrons waiting with me. I was number three in the inside lane, while three others were in the outside. "Goober" wasn't there to pump our gas, but there were several other characters, impatiently waiting in line. A young man had his radio cranked up to full volume, while an old couple slowly filled their tank.

In my lane was an S.U.V. vacant of its occupant who was inside paying first because no one can trust a soul these days. God, forbid, I raise my hood to check my oil. I would probably get beat up by the fellow behind me for taking too long. I sure miss the 1960's and all it's simplicity, just as well will miss "Goober" and the old patient ways of yesteryear when people enjoyed each others company and courtesy was practiced daily by all.

God Bless.

Richard Lucas




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