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Taste Buds: Kennedy’s Bakery

Buds find goodies galore at Cambridge bakery

July 19, 2012

An unknown author once stated "A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand."

Well, the Buds couldn't agree more. In fact, it has become something of a mantra to us as we each strive to be the picture of good health.

While walking to the car after a recent lunch outing in Cambridge, the Buds found themselves at the door of a local bakery. Naturally, we felt obligated to indulge in a few tasty treats to uphold our stance of maintaining a balanced diet.

The First Lady would be so proud!

So, with a skip in our step, we entered Kennedy's Bakery with the sole intent of reconciling any breach of balance our lunches had caused.

We may have over done it.

But it couldn't be helped. Once confronted with the vast array of goodies inside the bakery, the Buds willingly overcompensated. In other words - we won't have to eat dessert again for a month!

Gluttonous? Perhaps. But what the heck, somebody has to do the reporting!

Kennedy's Bakery on Wheeling Ave. has been providing the area with fresh baked goods for over 80 years. Now operated by third generation Kennedys, everything is made from scratch daily using the same family recipes that have been in use since 1925.

Offering a wide variety of breads and rolls, cookies, donuts, pastries, specialty cakes and other baked specialties, patrons will certainly have a difficult task in making a selection. Just ask the Buds! Between both of us, however, we think we got a pretty good sampling of Kennedy's fare.

Bud Em picked up a raspberry white- chocolate chip muffin, a flower-shaped sugar cookie decorated with tons of icing (that's where they hide the vitamins), a long john pastry and finally a beautifully decorated cupcake for her daughter. All together the total was just over six bucks. Not a bad price for the delectable haul!

The cookie was the first thing to go, and boy was it delicious! Bud Em has always been a sucker for a fancy lookin' cookie. She felt well-balanced immediately.

Her daughter was thrilled with the cupcake, which - for just over two bucks - was much more like a fancy little cake. It was much bigger than the traditional cupcake (she actually ate it in two sittings) and topped with a beautifully frosted HUGE flower. In fact, they even wrapped it in its own pastry box tied up with string. We can't remember the last time we saw that! Charming indeed.

Bud Em's favorite treat procured from Kennedy's was the muffin. The dense texture was lovely and loaded with raspberries. The white chocolate chips added a delightful contrast of sweetness to offset the tart berries. Definitely worth the calories!

Bud Shaunna, knowing that she had a sugar-loving Bud Hubby at home more than willing to help sample Kennedy's goodies, bought an orange cookie (delish!), a peanut butter danish (out of this world), a gigantic cream horn (more on that in a moment), two pepperoni rolls, and a loaf of homemade cinnamon swirl bread. All that bakery goodness came to a little over 11 bucks. Not bad for a bag full!

The cream horn did not make it out of Cambridge unscathed, although Bud Shaunna made a mental note, as she brushed mountains of powdered sugar and flaky crumbs off of her clothes (and seat, and floor, and...), that gigantic Kennedy's cream horns are not really a portable food, per say. But man, was the messiness worth it!

At the advice of a Kennedy's employee, Bud Shaunna made French toast with the cinnamon swirl bread. She might not be Paula Deen, but Bud Shaunna sure did cook up a yummy breakfast for herself and Bud Hubby (although the tasty bread she used might deserve a little credit too).

Long story short, the Buds, in an honest attempt to do the right thing, went well beyond balanced and into hazy territory. Most likely a sugar coma.

Well played, Kennedy's. Well played.

The Buds may be reached at tastebuds@



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